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Not so beautiful run


Wk4 R3 It’s been one of those mornings, well one of those weeks actually. Very stressful. A rest day is get up walk dogs, feed lambs, go to teach, phone call from daughter can I collect grandchildren from their school as child minder ill, called in and organised appointments for elderly parents got home walked dogs, fed lambs. Stressful situation at work too. So this morning is run morning, I didn’t feel it but I did it, I was tired and the run didn’t feel comfortable as it has to date and I felt quite upset that I haven’t managed as well as normal. I’ve realised through this process this is the very time I would give up in the past as I would put everything else first and the thing to give would be the very thing that benefits me. . In this case my running. However even if it didn’t go so well today I did complete it albeit in tears! But I will keep going this time.

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Aww, well done. I would say not every run is beautiful but they're all useful. Don't be so hard on yourself - you have a lot on. And keep running - looking after yourself is important; take care.

JullalyGraduate in reply to pollyp1

Thank you, that was the very first time in the 4 weeks I felt deflated, I just struggled all around the route but then it was probably because I was thinking about everything I need to do today, much a repeat of everyday this last week. It’s the first moan I’ve had 😂 sorry but thank you

Well done; life has a habit of throwing stuff at us but you did well to remember running is about you and for you-be selfish! 👍🏽

JullalyGraduate in reply to lagatachocolate

I am determined to keep it going. I normally enjoy it but I seemed ridiculously tired this morning, thank you

Every run is building up the running muscles, even the ones that don’t feel great- and, you did it! So well done for that! Life will always have stressful times, so that’s why it’s important to prioritise yourself. Well done for getting out there - and keep going, cos you’re doing great!👍


Liz x

JullalyGraduate in reply to Lillybeth30mins

Thank you Lillybeth, you are so right I haven't prioritised my own health for too many years and have to do this ..sorry no idea why it started to type in italics lol


Well done for keeping going. Bless you. We all have good runs & not so good runs. Don't give up - look how far you have come. It really does help with the stress & depression. I'm forever banging on to people about the benefits of exercise - I wonder if this is why people avoid me?? 🤔

JullalyGraduate in reply to Hidden

Of course you are so right. I wont give up, in many ways this was quite a realisation point that in the past I would have just stopped to prioritise other situations ..not anymore

Hidden in reply to Jullaly

Good for you! Keep calm & keep running. Wonder if there's a mug you can get with that printed on.

JullalyGraduate in reply to Hidden

Now that would be ideal, I’d love that


Bless your heart! That's a lot of stuff in a short while to deal with. So impressed by your determination to keep going. You do realise that however it happened, that you did it!! And that can only be good. I start week 5 this week (no chronology here!)...we need our energy for that!! It's Friday, it's sunny, have a good day...and happy running. 👍👍👍

JullalyGraduate in reply to 18Windmill

lol this is true it is Friday! Week 5 here we come, my year 11 students have had me in stitches this morning so Im feeling better now

18WindmillGraduate in reply to Jullaly

I want your year 11...ours are hideous this year!!! 4ish weeks. Xxx

Pecora_NeraGraduate in reply to 18Windmill

My year 5 (Italian school) are fab. I can send you some. It’s my year 3 I want to lock in a storeroom and throw away the key


You did it and you didn't give up, even with all the stuff you're having to deal with. So very well done - you've completed another week! 😀💪🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

JullalyGraduate in reply to JoP61

Thank you, I feel so much better for persevering, there is a lot going on but of course it will calm down..I just had a moment 😂

Wow, you are one busy lady. Even busier probably than the sort of busy-ness I used to have with a full-time corporate exec job with travel, young children, etc etc. I don't miss it or the stress one bit. I look back and wonder how on earth I managed it - and children have turned out remarkably sane and lovely! Well done you. So brilliant you did your running, look at the strength and perseverance you showed when you could have just not done it at all 👏👏👏

JullalyGraduate in reply to Leojon66

You are so right we all go through tricky times and mine is now. Your children sound wonderful, a credit to you. I’m so much better this afternoon, this forum really picks you up when you crash x

Well done! You still did it and didn't give up and that's the most important thing. I know everyone talks about positive mindsets when doing this but in reality it's not always possible. You felt crappy and still did it so bravo!! 👌👌👌

JullalyGraduate in reply to Itsmillie

Thank you, you are so right my mind was anywhere but positive this morning and that did make the run more difficult. Onwards and upwards from here !

Don’t be so hard on your self. We all have bad run days. The fact that you completed it shows that you have very strong will power. A lot of people would have jacked it in. I bet later on today you will feel a lot better as you will remember you have done your run 😉👍

JullalyGraduate in reply to Notsobigdoug

Well it is later on and you are so right, I feel much better and I did achieve it, it may have not been pretty but I did it, thank you


Well done for running 🏃‍♀️ you were probably a bit tired after yesterday and your next run will be much better. Your running time is time just for you and it sounds like you need it so you keep at it 😊😊

JullalyGraduate in reply to Bridget007

I’m pleased I got out and did despite feeling rubbish because now I’m feeling better because I did it

Aww bless you. When you are feeling stressed that's when it does you good to run, it always helps me calm down and I feel better after I've done it. And as you say it might not have been your best run ... but you did it!!

Well done you

JullalyGraduate in reply to limberlou

I didn’t feel calm at the time but I’ve felt so much better as the day has gone on, I would have felt worse if I gave up

Amazing that you got out there and pushed to complete it even after your extremely busy “rest” day. Emotions and tears are ok - and hopefully you feel quite proud of yourself!!

JullalyGraduate in reply to Amandana

Thanks I feel so much better this afternoon, my head and legs were just not connected this morning.

Really well done and you are an inspiration. Life has a habit of throwing stuff out there for us to randomly pick up but you literally ran with it all and came out the other side stronger... what we learn about ourselves not just what we are doing with our bodies makes this programme truly astounding!! Thanks for sharing 🏃‍♀️🌟

JullalyGraduate in reply to JaneE71

How right you are, I’m learning more about staying positive, resilience and consistency in this process than anything else I’ve done or achieved before. Thank you


Well done you! All that and teaching. Phew!

JullalyGraduate in reply to Tasha99

I’ll be back on top of everything ..a temporary wobble x

You hit the nail on the head there "this is where I'd usually give up", well done for not doing so! :) It's doing it when it's not easy that's actually the more significant thing (and greater achievement), than doing it when it's easy.*

Also, yes, you've got to keep on working on prioritising yourself sometimes! It's a tricky one, but it benefits EVERYONE in the long run, from the benefits you get yourself.

Man, I sound like a self-help book here! :O On the positive side, I always found that the run after a pants one then went to the other extreme. So fingers crossed you're the same! :)

*"easy", snort, yes obviously meant in a relative sense, not sure that it was ever "easy" :D

JullalyGraduate in reply to notoutofbreath

Thank you so very much and I am pleased you sound like a self help book 😂 because it’s what I needed today. It will be interesting to see how Sunday’s run pans out


Well done on not giving up and completing your run. You have done amazing and unfortunately not all runs are the best runs but you did it 😉 Life is tough, especially juggling home, work, families and in your case the farm as well 😳 We’re all here routing for you through those beautiful runs and the not so beautiful ones 😊

JullalyGraduate in reply to Melo_smiles

And I am so grateful for everyone routing for each other on here, without it I’m not sure I could keep going. It came as a shock to have experienced what felt like a set back ..which of course it wasn’t. Thank you as always


Oh bless you, I feel exhausted just reading your post! A huge well done for digging deep and finding such determination in the face of all those obstacles.

I also teach, ( little ‘uns tho’) & sometimes find it tricky to fit running around the relentless work (& that’s without lambs or grandchildren). I find it helpful to run after work on Friday and then on Sunday - then I only have to find a time for one mid week run - although when I finally make it to a Parkrun this work friendly plan will collapse!

Your next run will be better! You’ doing brilliantly. 😃

JullalyGraduate in reply to Elfe5

Thank you, little uns ..hats off to you! That is constant. I just felt generally overwhelmed with everything this morning and very tired. I am determined though and I will get there. I will look forward to your park run stories


Well done for just gritting your teeth and getting it done. Some runs are just like that.

You now have Wk 5 to look forward to. As a teacher you'll appreciate what I mean when I say that Wk 5 for me coincided with an Ofsted inspection in my school. And despite getting a good from ofsted completing Wk5 R3 was still the highlight of that week.

Enjoy 😊

JullalyGraduate in reply to DebJogsOn

Oh my word ..what am I complaining about. You did brilliant to keep it all together that week. But I get what you mean about that run being your highlight. I am so inspired by all your graduate badges and one day I hope to achieve that regardless of whatever obstacles try and get in my way

DebJogsOnGraduate in reply to Jullaly

Life will always throw stuff up to catch us out,but just keep getting out there and you'll have your own shiny graduate badge before you know it! 😊.

I can't imagine not running now - and I could run for 60 seconds at a time in August last year.

Enjoy Wk5 and let us know how it goes.

JullalyGraduate in reply to DebJogsOn

Thank you I am actually really looking forward to it. I’m still surprised every single time I complete a run,

Elfe5Graduate in reply to DebJogsOn

Oh my goodness!!😳

You have shown your resilience and determination, you did fab to complete the run but you did it. 😄

JullalyGraduate in reply to Couch-potato

Its a rest day today and I feel so much better about everything, hopefully that will reflect in tomorrows start of week 5


I went out on week 4 run 2 convinced it was going to be hard, and it was until I shouted at myself halfway around.

The workers in the vineyards must think I am mad.

Keep at it, it is worth the effort (so they tell me)

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