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Week 3 run 1

Well that was my first run in the rain. Actually quite enjoyed being out in it, until the very end when it became absolutely torrential!

As for the run itself, I found the first 3 mins pretty tough until I remembered to slow down! Then it wasn't too bad.

My legs are fine, it's just my breathing - sometimes I don't seem to be able to get enough breath. I've tried Laura's technique of breathing in for 4 then out for 4 but I find that makes me run faster.

Hopefully by slowing down my breathing will sort itself out over the coming weeks

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Yeah..Well done Kellynelly😊

Yes, do keep slow and yes, your breathing will sort itself out as you progress. Just breath as best you can. I found that when my chest felt tight and bursting... that blowing out a couple of long slow breaths helped settle things.

Great work and keep going..onwards and upwards.😊

Kudos for running in the rain too.x

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I was hoping for rain this morning (and I love the sun). Worried it was too hot but it was still sunny up north. Running in the rain adds another dimension I think- squelchy shoes are not great though


Well done!!

I also did w3r1 this morning. Was meant to do it yesterday but was waiting on getting some new trainers.

Still having pains in my shins so going reeeeally slow which is annoying as I have the energy to go a bit faster.

Good luck with run 2 😀

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Well done to you too!

I really need to get myself some new trainers, mine are probably about 10 years old! Bit worried about getting blisters though. When (if) I graduate and keep running I'll treat myself to a gait analysis and some new trainers (I know how to spoil myself!)

Oh no, hope the pain in your shins goes away very soon, can imagine it's very frustrating when you feel you have it in you to go quicker, but am sure that going slower now will pay dividends in the long run, no pun intended!


I went to asics near me and the staff were really helpful.

I couldn't get a proper test on a treadmill as I was in work clothes, they had me stand on a heat sensing pad which showed my foot pattern, and had me do a few squats to see how much my foot pronates.

I have quite a flat right foot (get more pain in my right shin) so they recommended some for me.

First run in them this morning and was definitely worth the investment! You'll have something to motivate you to finish 😄

I wanted some before I did the longer runs 😬


Hope they do the trick for you!


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