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so disappointed! week 5 run 1

I am so disappointed. I somehow strained/pulled a muscle in my back on Sunday doing week 5 run 1. It was pouring it down with rain so alot of sideways hops and jumps to avoid big puddles, but I did it :) I even took a selfie after as I was so wet but so proud of myself. I first noticed the discomfort about one hour after and I didn't sleep so well because of it.

Monday during the day, and then overnight, it was sooo sore and it hurt when I stood up, twist etc. so have been [reluctantly] sensible and didn't run yesterday. I was arguing with myself all day, thinking just go a walk or do week one, but it hurt to stand up so didn't. I am not sleeping very well as when I move it hurts but on the plus side, I hope to be back at it ASAP.

I have to say, i am very upset as I was making good gains in running and mentally I am ready for this. :(

How long should you stay off after such an injury? and has anybody else pulled their back running?


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My advice would be, don't run until it doesn't hurt anymore!! Sorry to sound a bit ...obvious....but if it's just a slight pulled muscle it shouldn't be too long. Having suffered minor back problems over the years, I know that it's impossible to tell how long it'll take to heal. You could wake up tomorrow and find that it's absolutely fine.

It also will depend where exactly the strain is, if it's ligaments it could be a bit more serious. Try rubbing some ibuprofen gel into it but if it lasts more than a week, I'd see your GP.

Don't be too downhearted. You've come a long way, and as soon as you're able to start running again, you'll be able to pick up and carry on from Week 5 without too much difficulty. Just make sure that you don't overstride or go too quickly because that could aggravate it. Just a nice, gentle jog until you're sure everything's okay.

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Thanks Dottiemay,

I KNOW It makes sense and I agree with you: it could be okay by the weekend. It's just soooo annoying and frustrating. I'm not sure if it's muscle or ligaments ? How would I know? (feeling silly now)

I have been using gel and also tablets and I "think" its a bit better today but definitely sore, so will see how it feels tomorrow and next day.



Oh dear, sorry to hear that but I think Dottie's advice is very sensible. Rest, recuperate and then run.


Sorry to hear that. I did something similar to my back in week 6. Like yours, the pain developed some time after the run rather than me knowing I pulled something during the run.

I hate to say this but rest is the only way. An ice pack for short periods of time might help too. You might be lucky and it'll sort itself quickly.

I had to take 6 weeks off from running and see the chiropractor a couple of times before I was ok to run again. I ended up starting the programme from week 1 again. It was really frustrating but the right thing to do. Second time around it all seemed so much easier! And (touch wood) I haven't had any problems since.

Get it right before you go out there again or you risk further problems later on. Sorry!

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Maybe you need to talk to a Physio, get it checked to see if its muscular or ligament and they'll give you some advice on how to strengthen them.... maybe run through the puddles next time???! Only wet socks and wet trainers both of which will dry pretty quick and don't cause you pain for days after.

Hope you feel better soon.

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