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W7 done and dusted

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Well it wasn't quite as easy as that, but I completed W7 this morning. This was a hard run this morning, I encountered a massive mental blockage. I was tired, Laura gave me the half way signal and I thought "Ok, just do it again and you're done". I was tired but plodded on. Laura told me I was 20 minutes in and I felt like I needed to stop. Only five minutes to go don't stop, five looooong minutes to go... What am I doing? The sensible voice in me took over. Forget the five minutes, you've just run 20! Focus on that. You've just run 20 MINUTES!!!!! So a mind battle ensued and I got to the 24th and sprinted the last minute.

I really did have a Jekyll and Hyde moment this morning and thankfully Jekyll won.

Next week, another 3 minutes added to the running time. Dr Jekyll better be with me at the starting line!!!

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Great job... beating the demon Dr Jekyll!

Oohhhhh l have run envy, you pushed on where as l let those pesky gremlins win!! Obviously you had the tenacity to carry on, fantastic, a true sense of character 👏👏👏

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