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W5R3 done and dusted!


Hello again. Warning: many exclamation marks!

After a week where I missed a run and where I was out late most nights due to work, I felt like I'd fallen behind a bit, and R3 was looming large on the horizon!

I repeated R2 on Sunday morning, getting up at 7am to make sure it was cool enough to run comfortably.

I managed to kind of mess that one up, thinking there were 3 x 8 minute runs, so by the end of the second one, I was further from home than I wanted to be. So I decided to run home instead of walk, and fitted in 2 extra 5 minute runs with a couple of minute's walk between them!

I kind of figured that if I could do that, a 20 minute run would be a stretch but I shouldn't be worried about it.

So I set out this morning, into the cool, bright morning with half a plan as to my route and actually excited to find out if I could do it!

It took me ages to relax into it, I could feel that I was tense across my shoulders and through my hips, so I concentrated on forcing them to relax, and spent a good 30 secs running with my arms out and down to stretch my shoulders out a bit. After 10 minutes, Laura piped up and I checked my energy levels. That's when I _knew_ I could do it. The next 10 minutes were hard work, but not insurmountable!

I've just checked Runkeeper and I covered just under 3km in the 20 minutes of non-stop running! What a start to the week!

Fingers crossed you'll all have brilliant starts to your weeks :)

Roll on W6R1!


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Don't overdo it PP! I know it's easy to be too enthusiastic when a run is going well but save your energies for later runs. As you do the weeks you will be getting your running legs but til then resist the urge to go for it as you could end up crocked! A slow jog is all that's required. Run when Laura says, and walk when she tells you. Do that and you will complete the job without hurting yourself

I know it sounds like nagging but it's really not. We want you to get to Graduation without any time out for injuries.

ppaulGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thanks misswobble, sound advice. I often feel like I could do more, more frequently but I'm in this for the long haul of behaviour change and health improvement, the last thing I want is give myself an injury.

I shall heed your wise words and pace myself :)


Well done on completing w5r3. A great hurdle passed ;o) Take note of Miss W above, too. Some sound advice ;o)


Well done, dont'cha feel good!! :)


MAssive congratulations ppaul. W5R3 is a big hurdle to jump but you've done it now, but be wary of W6R1. Make sure you don't go too mad just because you've got that 20 minuter under your belt. Week 6 can trip people up if you're not careful, as folks (including ME!) go into it thinking "Yeeahh! I did 20 mins the other day. I'll be fine!"

You're doing great though. Isn't it great this program?

ppaulGraduate in reply to danzargo

Hi danzargo. I wouldn't say it's easy, but the hard work seems to be worth it. I can't believe more people don't do it!

Any tips for week 6? What are the run lengths?


Well done and congratulations! I think W5 is a big week so you must feel amazing having completed it. I have W5R3 on Friday and I'm feeling quite positive about it. We shall see!

Enjoy W6!

Excellent stuff! Wk6 is a bit of an odd one, as you seem to go backwards and do a couple of interval runs before a longer run at the end of the week. First time around I found this really difficult. I'd completed the 20 minutes of W5R3 and thought "Yay! Runner!!", but didn't follow Miss W's advice and overcooked it. Go easy and pace yourself, and you'll be fine.

There's a calendar on one of the sticky posts that gives the run lengths for all of the weeks.

Best of luck for the rest of the programme.

Found it! Try this...


ppaulGraduate in reply to EverTheOptimist

Really helpful, thanks for posting this. Suspect pacing myself will be the hard part!

W5R3. I remember it well. It's a great feeling once you've got that one behind you. Keep it going now, the rest won't seem anything like as daunting. Well done.


Well done! I'm at the same stage as you, let us know how you get on in week 6!

ppaulGraduate in reply to Hidden

Will do. W6R1 is tomorrow at 5am!


I just completed week 5 and the one thing this program has helped me with is PATIENCE...something, as a recovered addict, I never had. There have been many days that I didn't want to take the rest days but I did. So in addition to leRning how to run and pace myself, I've learned how to be patient and listen to the great advice of the graduates on this site.


Just remember that no run is a bad run. Celebrate even the small things. Take it easy and get some miles in your legs before pushing too hard. There seems to have been a lot more posts with people posting their times and distances lately which can be off putting for new runners. Fine balance between us all wanting to cheer each other on as we have all worked through the ups and downs of c25k and not putting off the new starters.

This site helped me through some hard days and much of the work you Need to do is also building mental strength and self belief. Keep running and the best of luck. Chris

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