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Week 4, run 2 done and dusted!

Can you detect a certain amount of arrogance in that title? I think so too but reckon it's because the fella who completed the first run on Saturday and the fella who completed this run aren't the same man.

They are both me of course, I just mean that after the first run on Saturday I was far from convinced I'd be able to do it again. Even as I set out I was apprehensive but after the first three minuter this morning, I'd had a complete change and KNEW I'd be okay. That's not to say I didn't find it tough, that's to be expected, I was just surprised at how that first running section altered my view.

You'll have deduced from that that I found the first bit relatively easy but that wouldn't be true of the first five minuter, during which I was trying to recall if Laura comes in halfway with her encouragement or with only a minute to go. Having ran for what seemed ages I had just convinced myself of the latter when up she piped, telling me I'd only been going for two and a half minutes! "Feckin' cow" said I.

I don't know about anyone else but I find it helps to let her know how I feel. That said, I shudder to think of the expletives I'd be mouthing into the morning air were it a man in the Laura role.

The next three minuter was grand, the recovery time being more than enough to recoup and while I did grind out the last five minute run, I only had to resort to Mike Scott after I was told I only had a minute to go..... Even if it was a typical Laura minute!

Also for the first time, I'm delighted to say, I found my mind wandering slightly, instead of concentrating the whole way on how long left I had before I could walk again.

And the 'injury' (I've no idea what it was for sure but actually considered it may be a hernia when it got worse on Sunday) which prevented me doing this run yesterday barely registered, so I'm putting it down to an onion bhaji lodged somewhere.

Copyright Delboy.

Some water, a shower, mug of tea and a banana later and I'm on the train to work, at which point the arrogant me (who now knows the final run of this Week is a mere formality) decides to check what lies in store in Week 5, although I was already aware the programme alters here from three runs the same to three different runs.

"Hmmm, three five minute runs, I can do that".

For the first time since I started, I wasn't daunted by the step up after completing a Week.

Now, what's the second run like....."Oooft! Two eight minute runs! Feck!

Yes dear reader, you know where I'm going with this. At least all those who've done this Week do anyway. I'm very sorry to say that instead of taking the hint and stopping there, I looked at run three, at which point I'm sure my horrified gasp was heard down the other end of the carriage. On the plus side, it prompted some very strange looks from those at my end and my subsequently having rather more room to spread out than I'd had up to that point. I assume the two people who moved seat had merely decided they liked the decor in the next carriage better. Possibly.

I suppose I really should have just looked at the runs one at a time!

That said, it does give me the chance to get my head around it, which is the reason I've always checked the following Week after the second run as I've found that what seems impossible at first feels less so given a couple of days of psyching myself up. Suffice to say though that for now, Mr Arrogance is back in his box.

20 minutes.

Jaysus, Mary and Joseph!!!

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Lol, great job!


I think I heard that gasp and intake of breath from my train this morning Fingalo, it was that loud!! :D I know what to do now to get more room on my carriage ;) That will teach you though.....or will it??! I bet you will still take peeks at the runs ahead but then, fail to prepare, prepare for failure and all that....!

Best of luck for the next run and glad the hernia proved to be a bhaji :) :)



Good God i should have stopped reading.....

Congrats on what you have done, and of course what you will do!!


hahaha....brilliant. On your achievement. And your vivid account of what has gone on in your mind. And the word 'feck'! I use it a lot when Ive given myself a challenge of frightening proportions. No doubt I shall be using it a lot more in the coming weeks.

Nice work Jaysus, Mary and Joseph (thats not your real name is it ;) )


Cheers Jedda.

Sue, ha ha! I've a feeling Laura is at it with that 20 minute run for the next Week, I'm sure it's designed to make the two eight minute run in the previous run look doable and then as you actually click on the podcast for the third run, it uses some kind of echnomological miracle to change it to a ten minute run.....Surely?

Oscar, thanks for the words of encouragement. The more I do this thing the more I'm convinced that it's a lot more in the mind than I'd originally thought. That the challenge of running for a straight 20 minutes is only three runs away hasn't left my mind since I read it this morning tells you that.


Hope you had a good Christmas holiday - you've obviously come back fighting fit! Bet Mr Arrogance will be out of his box at the end of next week after 20 mins - and why not :-)


Thanks Annie, I had a great time at home, I trust the same could be said for you and yours?

You'll have gathered I'm quite concerned about that 20 minute run and as I prefer to do the first run of a new Week on a Saturday (in case it leaves me too fecked to shower and get ready for work in a reasonable time) I may have to rejig how I do Week 5. Maybe run 1 this Saturday (as I'll be doing the third run of Week four on Thursday) then repeat it next Monday, run two on Wednesday before taking on the 20 minutes third run on Saturday week.

I'll see how it pans out.


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