Couch to 5K

Week 5 Run 3 done and dusted!

My alarm went off at 5:40 this morning and the challange was to get out of bed without waking Mrs Bean and the Beansters.

Down stairs and changed, out by 6, yes I faff so what, todays a big day 20 minutes run. Set the GPS going and put in my headphones and away we go.

I choose a harder run for today, I know it's a big challange run 3, so why do I go and make it harder, well I have an endurance race on the 17th March called "the major series" ( so I couldn't pussy foot around.

Warm up walk went ok, missed the old lady walking her dog in her nightie, Barbour jacket and Hunters - yes I live in the country.

Then the 20 minutes started. I have done the route before and I know the start of the route can be done in the first 3 minute run, 90 second walk and 5 minute run of week 4. I got to the top of my killer hill and Laura goes and makes me feel great by announcing that I had done 5 minutes. - Winner.

The rest was easy, I have a flat and a down hill then a gradual slow uphill killer stretch.

All assisted by Laura and the music. I only used my inhailer once, so thats a result. Finished the run and felt amazin'. Considering that I was doing nothing before the programme to running for 20 minutes is pretty great. Roll on week 6 with a 22 minute run.

I feel inspired and already planning some off road routes.

I know that a post like this does not help you guys who have faltered and are finding it really difficult, but honestly you can do it, it's just a case of doing a Kriss Kezie Uche Chukwu Duru Akabusi, he did a rubbish advert about 20 years ago about positive mental attitude for a breakfast cereal or something. But this run really is in the mind and is you against yourself.

You've already covered the distance, and you've already run for 16 minutes, whats 4 minutes more?

For those interested in mapping your run, I use a Blackberry Curve 9300 with GPS, I use a free downloaded App called Blackstar Navigation, I export my track as a KML and map onto Google, here are my tracks to date -

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congratulations :) what a great way to start the day.

onwards & upwards

& thanks for the pep-talk. I have this run to do outside with my daughters at the weekend & I already have butterflies.



congrats on surviving the big one!!

I finished this run on my second attempt, and felt amazing, and so far week6 has felt great , although I have my next big on on friday :P


I am so chuffed for you - I've been waiting for you to blog!

I'm planning this one for Friday and I'm going to keep you and Kriss in mind - Mind over matter

Thanks and good luck for week 6 ;-)


That's fantastic, I've another 2 weeks to go before I do this one, but it's great to hear such positive news about it. Well done :)


Good going B3eany_Boy. I see you used an inhaler. One of my young grandsons has just got his first inhalers and it's good to get positive stories to let him know that it won't stop him joining in with the other boys.


It really shouldn't stop him playing sport. If you look at the list of international sports men and women so many of them have asthma. One of the first to "come out" was Mark Spinx the American gold medallist. He started swimming to help his asthma. Another more "famous" sportsman is David Beckham. The problem with Asthma is not the breathing in but the breathing out, and so sport is the way to beat it. That's why at the moment I can only run to a count of 3 and not 4 which Laura promotes.


Yeah, I heard that recently about Beckham so I was telling him that on the way to school this morning. He does join in football, swimming and cycling and hopefully will keep all this up. He'll probably beat me at this running lark one of these days. :)


Well done B3any_Boy, I'm so glad you did it! Thanks for reminding us that a good attitude does wonders :)

Blueboots - sport defiantly helps asthma, I'm seeing great improvements with my breathing since running. Also when I was a teenager I used to swim daily and I could hold my breath for 2 lengths so it just shows that exercise can really improve your lung capacity. Tell your grandson it's no reason to hold him back :)


Thank you for your comment. I will definitely remind him he can still do all the same things. :)


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