W5R3 Done and Dusted

Thanks everyone for all your tips - I did the 20 minute run today and it was absolutely fine, just like you've all said! 

I went slower than usual from the outset and it was (obviously) a challenging run but Laura breaking it down into 5 minute segments on the podcast was really helpful. When I passed the 15 minute mark it really spurred me on and I picked up the pace a bit back to my natural running speed. Felt really exhilarated finishing the run.

It's amazing what running does for your self belief, I would never have thought this would be possible 5 weeks ago.

Bring on week 6!

6 Replies

  • Well done, bright and early. It's not really such a big bad once you've squared up to it!

  • Go, go go... well done. Onwards and upwards!!! :)

  • Wow, that is fantastic and well done.  Week 6 is challenging surprisingly so do what you did this week, nice and slow, don't worry about going fast and u will do it

  • Great stuff Sal !

    Well done :-) xxx

  • Brilliant :)

    The funny thing is we said it to you because someone told us- and when you graduate you'll be telling newbies ;)

    Slow and steady is THE way to get through :)

    That run is a great turning point- you know you can run :)

    Well done :)

  • Well done! This is a big step, and it really gives you the confidence that you'll be able to complete the programme. Good luck for W6!

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