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Wk6 R1 - done, but.....

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..... My legs seemed to feel more tired than the 20 min Wk5 R3. I think I prefer the non-interval runs as I seem to get into a rhythm and have periods when I don't realise I'm running 😁. With the interval running, I seem to be always looking for the time Jo says 'stop, it's time to walk". I guess it's all about building up slowly. Wk6 R2 on Weds, will see how I get on! Happy running everyone 😁

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Great job... that’s a tricky run to get right. Only one more set of intervals now, so you’ll be back to just running on run three. Enjoy Wednesday

Thanks UFNM - will try to!

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Well done! This run is like many others, all about the different disciplines in our running... and you got that :) If all the runs followed the same pattern, we would not progress. All you need to know is that, if you take it steadily and slowly.. you are ready for each and every single run:)

Relax and enjoy as you move on :)

Thanks Oldfloss, am trying to! I do enjoy in small bursts, but I hope it will be enjoyable for most of the time once I get through these last few weeks! :-)

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to New_Runner_KD

Just relax.. the legs start to find their own happy pace... Try not to overthink the runs.. just go with the flow:)

Thanks, good advice! :-D

Yes, totally agree _KD... I found this one tough too today. Just didn’t flow. I find the intervals break my pace and it takes me ages to get it back again. Old floss had a good point there about over thinking it - I think I do a bit too much of that!!! Well, we both have the last interval run of the program on Wednesday... how exciting! 😃Well done for getting it over with - onwards and upwards 🙌

Glad it's not just me then! Yes, let's check in on Wednesday! Well done to you too 😁 Hope all goes well for you on Run2. 😁

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👍 cheers KD!

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