WK6 R1

this didnt go as planned. Did 3x 5ks last week and because of the awful weather i planned out a route on the pavements to try and keep me and the dogs drier. Started badly, it was downhill and i went too fast, at the bottom of the hill i turned right and realised that it was more up hill than id imagined, then by the time i got onto the main road that lead me on to the return stretch, id really misjudged the steepness of the incline and i was feeling really awful, turned into the flat bit and i calmed down a bit, only one more steep bit and i was home.....only 3,20k, but im not ready for hills, id rather get wet and muddy than do that again, so , sorry dogs, over the moor it is, and baths afterwards

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  • I'm sure the dogs prefer the moors anyway! Bet they're not so happy with the bath afterwards though! Well done for running hills, they're supposed to really help you improve.

  • naw im a wimp

  • ta, my normal run has small inclines thats going to have to do me for now

  • I've just graduated c25K and done most of it off-road and on undulating/modest hills. It's really paid off. If it's a tough hill I've dropped my pace to manage to keep going and not worried about the distance being covered.

  • im less worried about the distance now that i can do a 5k, im sticking to the route over the moor with little ups and downs and i can change the route to shorten it if i want to or if its too hot for the dogs

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