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Week 3 easier than week 2 ?? Funny that I think so?


So tonight I did week 3 run 3 and was really surprised to find that it was a really easy run. I thought Run 1 3 minutes felt like a lifetime but today was really shocked when the 3 minutes were up .

I have taken advice and doing a warm up and stretch before starting the podcast and my tightness has eased a little so I'm not flapping my broken side so much now. Also really concentrating on my roll through is seeming to help as it takes my mind off the running ;)

I'm loving being back on the treadmill and really looking forward to week 4 as this is where the plan really starts to kick up a notch. (even though I am dreading the week 5 run 3!! but will cross that bridge when I get there)

So thanks for all the advice and roll on Tuesday :D

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You really are a serial C25Ker norabzil as you should know by now that there is nothing to dread anywhere in the programme, even W5.

Just keep it all nice and slow and you know you will get there........and maybe we can keep you running and smiling this time.

norabzilGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

With me the week 5 run 3 is a mental struggle not a physical one.

But i'm going to enjoy week 4 first and not let the rest of the plan worry me :)

Your super guidance is always very welcome and will keep me gliding through the plan to the end.

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