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Week 4 is so much harder than week 3!


Tadaaa, week 3 done and dusted and in the bag and all that. I was really looking forward to week 4 because this was the point where I was forced to give up last year. (When a bladder infection turned nasty and I was laid low for several weeks) So tonight after work I headed off on w4r1, and wowzer, what a shock! The three minute jog section felt fine but the 5 minutes run! Blimey. Made it though, and then enjoyed the walk and the next 3 minute section, but I confess I couldn't finish the last bit of running, and I used that time as my warm down walk back home. So I feel I managed 3/4 of it which is better than nothing I guess.

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First and foremost, don't worry about it - you are doing just fine. Repeating runs, or even entire weeks, is common and perfectly normal. You ran for 5 minutes without stopping today, that is a lot of progress in three short weeks.

Remember to keep it nice and slow and I am sure you will get there next time.


Some runs just feel tougher than others - getting out there is what is most important. When you tackle it again in a day's time you'll sail through it, I have no doubt.

Well done for getting this far. I found week 4 tough as well, repeating it a couple of times and I remember yearning for a week 3.5. You can definitely do this - keep up the good work


I've graduated for the third time in four years - and the leap from week 3 to 4 is definitely one of the biggest challenges in the plan. This time round, I did put a couple of extra stages in, so made up a week 3+ and a week 4-. Worked for me and kept me going and pain-free...! :) The plan is well worked-out, tried and tested - but if you need to adapt it a bit, then that's fine!


A lot of people doing C25K get very wound up by Week 5, especially the infamous W5R3. But in my opinion, Week 4 is the most important week of the program - it *is* the biggest jump in running time, 78%, from 9 to 16 minutes per session. Get Week 4 done and Week 5 will take care of itself.


I hated week 4!

It was nearly my undoing and I repeated the whole week.

Remember to take the pace back a notch- and then another!

Good luck 🏃🏃


Thank you, I'll take all the advice on board. Only problem with taking back the pace...if I go any slower I'll be going backwards!

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