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If I can do more than I think so can you!

hi all, I went out for Week 7 Day 3 run yesterday. I was struggling at first, it felt like a really draining run. Then as I took my jacket off, I accidentally hit the forward button on the app and it skipped to the cool down walk! Oh no! I was so annoyed!

However, because I couldn't remember exactly how long I'd already been jogging for, I decided to start the 25 minutes again and just do as much as possible... I managed to complete the whole 25 minutes! According to mapmyrun, I ran for around 40 minutes (with just the minute or so it took me to remove jacket and sort out app!).. I couldn't believe it when I'd finished!

I also, for the first time ever, experienced the sensation of being able to just keep running, towards the end of the second 25 minutes! This soon stopped when I hit an uphill section though, that nearly made my legs collapse!

Anyway, the moral to my story is that if I, with my downright negative mindset, can run for 40 odd minutes then anyone can! :) You can achieve much more than your mind tells you!

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That's brilliant! It's a great feeling isn't it?


It was, I felt great afterwards! I just wish I could have kept my momentum going and didn't hit that hill. I'm off to a slightly flatter route on Friday with a friend, we have a 5 mile route mapped out which will be a challenge!


My last run felt like that, but this morning my legs felt like lead. I was re-aquainted with alcohol at the weekend after a bit of a break, and I could really feel the effects. My body is definitely better without!


It is funny how different things can make your run harder or better... but other times it doesn't matter what you do, it's just difficult!


Wow, well done you! You should be proud of your achievement!

And I think you're right about being able to do far more than your mind tells you. My dad used to say (and he was probably right): You can do 5 times as much as you think, and 10 times as much as your mum thinks.


I like that!

Thanks :) Hopefully I can keep it up!


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