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Part time work is great! C25K W5R2

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I loved today! Friday off after a full on three days teaching including an open evening sandwiched in between it was so lovely to wake early and know I didn’t have to teach today! I still marked my year 11 test papers (well part of them as they are really time consuming!) then at 9.30 went for my run. What a lovely sunny September day. Laura in my ear saying it would be 8 mins but take it as a jog. I did my 5 min warm up walk with Molly then we reached the fields. She ran off like a bullet but I paced myself as Laura said. I was well in the jogging zone when Molly decided to relieve herself so had to slow down find the poo bag and retrieve! I left it at a little post at the side of the field knowing I could pick it up on my return and got back on track. It was so relaxing yes !! Relaxing to jog / walk and complete today’s run. I picked up the bag on the return journey and was home in time to listen to pop master on R2. What a brilliant start to a weekend 🏃‍♀️🐾🏃‍♀️🐾😊

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Gorgeous run....well done you!

Thanks 🙏 xx

Well done!

I teach too - also three days - but I have little ones to look after so still run in the evenings.

Aw that’s fab I love that we can share how we fit our runs in. Well done you with little ones. I’ve just got a mad adorable cockapoo x

Well then you know! Dogs and little kids - fairly similar in the kind of looking after, temperament, time and love!

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