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C25k - W5R2 and struggling :(

Says it all really :(

Ten days ago I completed W5R1 with relative ease and felt on top of the world - the best run yet. Since then, I've tried R2 three times now and feeling quite dejected.

Don't know if I've just hit the wall as it were or whether my circumstances for the past two weeks are affecting me and my routine. Up til now I've been going to the gym in my lunch hour three times a week and doing the runs on the treadmill.

However I've been working away can only get to the gym after work. The "gym" at the hotel is poor compared to my usual gym, and as there are only a couple of treadmills which are busy or work intermittently, my focus is disrupted. This means I've only managed two proper sessions since my last successful run. I've been tempted to go out on the road but it's hardly the weather here and I don't know the area well enough.

I have managed an 8 + 5 minute run; a 8 min after 15 mins on bike; and today couldn't even do the first 8 so switched to 3x5min as in W5R1 - which is going backwards :(

I had new trainers on today which affected me a bit but that had nothing to do with the breathlessness, fatigue and stitches.

I've still got at least another week and half to go before I can get back to my usual routine and am really begining to lose hope - I had hoped to do a parkrun at the beginning of March as my "graduation" but feel like thats not going to happen.

Please tell me that it's not just me and this the mental and personal challenges that Laura talks about on the podcasts - I need a bit of a boost!

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Circumstances and environment make a huge difference - I'd suggest trying not to worry about it too much, as long as you're being active you won't have lost your fitness, and even if it delays you a week or so, it's not that big a deal really - if you're graduation parkrun is mid-March, it'll still be in March and you'll still be much fitter than if you stopped now!

The new trainers might not be related directly to the breathlessness fatigue and stitches - but they will have added to the disruption of your focus, and that goes a long way.

Chin up! You'll get there very soon! :) Just think what you have already achieved.


Give yourself a break mig20, the fact that you are getting any exercise at all when you are away is good news.

I have to travel a lot for work and know how difficult it is to keep up any kind of exercise regime. If you can be at the same level as when you left you have done very well. Expect to start at where you left off and adjust your end date to suit is my advice.


there could be several reasons why this is happening, being away from your routine, fighting a bug, over training (I know that sounds daft, as you've been doing less, but it's possible). Be gentle with yourself, as Bibs said, you are still exercising while away, this is a good thing :-)

During C25K I could not run if I didn't stick to my ritual hydration, banana, etc. Everything had to be just right, even the fact that I could only run in the morning. Once I graduated, I played around and realised that I can run after eating breakfast (not straight after), or I can run in the afternoon, etc. But prior to that any change would totally throw me.

I'm sure you will be fine and get your full mojo back soon, keep doing what you can in the meantime :-)


Thanks for the kind words, all :)

I suppose I've got the Monday blues and a difficult run has just compounded it.

You're right, I need to stop beating myself up - a couple of months ago I couldn't run for the bus never mind continuously for 8mins!! :-/

I'll give it a go again on Thursday but should be satisfied at maintaining the 3x5min until I get back home.

Thanks again :)


You're doing better than you think - it's fantastic to keep trying and it means you'll maintain your fitness while you're away. Don't be discouraged - and don't worry if you need to repeat a run. Not everyone manages it in 9 weeks - I didn't. I repeated some runs or even whole weeks a couple of times each to build up a bit of stamina - had to take a short break after I pulled a muscle which meant going back two weeks to ease back in.

So keep your spirits up - it's great to be doing this at all. If you just keep going you will get there - and maybe you need to give yourself a couple of nights off and really rest before having another go.

If you want to cheer yourself up have a look at the video link I posted under motivation tag.

Every run you do - will help you build up your fitness just that little bit more.

You'll get there and lots of us know how hard that is!



We are almost at the exact same spot in the programme, you are one run ahead of me. I think you almost certainly will be able to do it by going slower. Really try for a gentle jog. You will be amazed at how much difference it will make. You can always speed up as your fitness builds.

Very best of luck. I'll be thinking of you as I plod along!


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