Week 3, Run 2 - cheating on Laura

Another slow run today. Nice and slow. Lovely slow. Actually, maybe too slow?? At the end of it I was a bit out of sync. Laura had signed off, podcast well and truly over and Week 4's starting up - Stop! Don't want spoilers - and I was still 10 minutes walk from the car. I need to refine my turn-around spot. I was miles away (ok, technically only 0.82 miles away) from the car and guess what? I had another little jog. Unheard of. Cheating on Laura with Mrs RunKeeper, naughty. It only lasted 30 seconds Laura, it meant nothing!

In other news. Why am I not thin yet?

My primary reason for all this is to get fit... I suppose. As impossible as it seems I'd love to be able to do the 5K. That's still a distant ludicrous goal. But I thought a welcome side effect would be a not so distant or ludicrous THIN AS RAKE body. Yet I'm still precisely the same size, weight, FAT AS WHEELBARROW Jabba as I started.

Time is of the essence. I've a wedding to attend and a suit to slip into, in just 2 weeks... oh god. I could always run away.


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9 Replies

  • In two weeks you'll be able to run 20 minutes without stopping!

    That'll be awesome and you'll be going to that wedding with your head held high D)

  • I don't know, beginning to have serious doubts I'll manage next week. Maybe I've hit my limit

  • Just trust in Laura (and stop cheating on her ;) )

  • Steve don't doubt yourself. You have come this far (and I bet you didn't think you would!). There is nothing stopping you going further apart from that crafty little mind of yours. Heres to you and me starting (and completing) wk4!!!

  • I'm also on week 3, run 2 today and I did exactly what you did during run 1 on Monday. I was about half a mile away and caught my breath and thought I still had some running left in me and went for it. Nothing to apologize for!! Good luck!

  • if you've reached week 3 there is no limit! :)You are certainly going to the end. When you start longer runs, you will buld muscle, muscle is hungry tissue and that will make you lose weight. Trust in Laura :)

  • Identify other lifestyle choices too that might be at fault... maybe cut any snacking down for the next two weeks up to the wedding?

  • Thanks for that weird old tip. ;)

  • Hi steve - well I'm on week 8 and I'm still not thin .... however I have truly started toning up, my shape has changed, and I am feeling great! I am optimistic a few lbs will drop off now I am doing longer runs. And I go slow too. The snails wave as they pass me by but apparently we can work on speed later. I am reliably told by Laura - you know, the one you cheated on :) So keep going and good luck for week 4!

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