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W6R2 - Mindset struggles

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Didn't have any stitches this time! But I did find it mentally hard again; I kept thinking about the time and I had to really remind myself that I COULD do it. I finished it feeling a lot less satisfied than usual. I guess it's starting to feel real now that I'm doing longer runs and I think deep down I still don't fully believe in my capabilities. All of the runs from now on have no breaks which make me a bit nervous but I guess it will test what I can do!

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Relax.... well done you!

The lovely long runs are wonderful... start slow stay slow... let the newly forming running legs find their own happy pace....you are ready for the runs.... just believe it:)

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The gremlins can so often make life difficult. 🤬👿👹

Distraction by running a new route, listening to a podcast or new playlist may help.

You know how far you've come, I've just read your first post and it's not so different to this one except it's about a lot less running.

You can do it. Just take it slow, try not to watch the time, keep on telling yourself that you won't give in. 💪💪💪

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Zee221bGraduate in reply to sparkyjohn

I think a change is honestly what I need, i'll try podcasts! Thanks for the support :)

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Im feeling the same. R3 tomorrow. I kinda like the security of the walking breaks. But we have to believe we can do this, I'm sure we can.

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Good job. Can you find something to listen to that takes your attention away? Music is ok but it’s background... I found spoken word better for forgetting about how long was left and my breathing... I used comedy and some guided runs off the NRC app when they became compatible lengths (all of the non-interval ones)

I did a ten minute one with Nike head coach Bennett in my ears... he raised a good point “you’re running to a time, you can’t run faster to end it, so slow down”

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Zee221bGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

I really like music because I get pretty absorbed in it but I think a podcast or comedy might be something to try! And that quote is so true! What's the rush?

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I felt less satisfied after W6R2 but run 3 was great! Really great! So don’t worry that they will all be like that! I can see now that it was preparing me for run 3.

I hear you with the capabilities as that’s when my doubts crept in too-look at what you are capable of NOW from when you started, you can only build on that-don’t worry about the future, just look forward to the next run-it might be an awesome one!

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Zee221bGraduate in reply to Marcia-H

You're so right! I just did run 3 and it was amazing!

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Marcia-HGraduate in reply to Zee221b

Yeah!!!! I’m so glad! I started week 7 this morning and it was even better yet again!!!! Well done!

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Zee221bGraduate in reply to Marcia-H


Have you troed listening to up lifting music? Pysch your self up it works..

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Zee221bGraduate in reply to Grumpypumpkin

Usually it does, I think that this day was a bit of an off day. Sometimes the length of the runs just feel really daunting but today went much better!

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