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W6r2 but need advice

Managed week 6r2 today.

I have had a break of about 6 weeks due to illness, rubbish weather, and then working away. So I have to say I am pleased I managed to do the 2 week 6 runs.

I have a decision to make though....I have one more run before I go away for work for a month. I won't be able to run whilst I'm away, but will be doing a lot of walking. So, do I try W6r3 on Monday, or do W6r2 again. I managed to complete it but am really not sure I could manage 25's been 7 weeks since my last long run so I am thinking I should redo run 2.

When I get back I am thinking about maybe doing th first 2 week 6 runs a couple of times before attempting run 3. Although I could I guess restart at week 4.

I would welcome some sage advice on Monday and then what I do when I am back.

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Why can't you run when you are away?


I am taking a group of students to Nepal for 2 weeks and I don't think it's the country to be out alone. Plus we are travelling around and our days are pretty busy.

I am then in the USA and will be working very long days, plus where I am going it will be quite hot. I have a few days in New York but again will be busy but I am not sure how safe I will be running alone when I don't know where I am.


Normally I would say go for it, but In your case I'm not so sure.

A nice steady long run, like r5r3 would be good and if you feel up to it go the extra 5 minutes. Then when you are back from your awesome opportunity to cross train (walking/hills/weight lifting) start on week 6 again to get back into the swing of things before you attempt w6r3 (again).

Have a wonderful time away and forget all the normal stress of urban life. I'd love to do that instead of working in brum, even if it means looking after moody teenagers for a month.


I'd suggest running for 20 mins, and seeing how you felt. If you could go further, then keep plodding on for 5 more minutes. Just set yourself that you WILL do 20 mins and then take it from there.

When yr away, you'll be pretty active so you've a good chance of maintaining fitness won so far, even if you don't get chance to run as per the programme. Have a great trip!


Sadly I didn't manage a run to speak of at all. I went out with good intentions yesterday but all I couldn't hi know ft was what I needed to do when I got back. I managed 5 mins and then had to stop and come home: I was just too stressed.

I am going to go back to week 4 when I get back and be sensible. Not happy but better than starting again at week 1


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