W6R2 Not ready

After hearing a few tales of bad runs, guess it was my turn...


Up early, usual 2 glasses of water a couple of quick stretches and off. 1 minute into my warm up walk bumped into a family member. Obviously not their fault :) but they crossed the road to have a morning chat and it threw me off completely. Stopped and restarted the GPS but stupidly convinced myself 3 minutes would be enough of a warmup so didnt reset the podcast.

From then on couldn't seem to control my pace at all, felt fine other than that but knew I was going too fast. Slowed it down but it felt too slow. 10 Minutes took me a bit past my usual turning point on the hill and as I turned round felt dizzy, sick and pretty woeful. Seemed to be the stopping that hit me. Tried to pull myself together on the 3 minute walk down, but felt worse. Heart felt like it was racing (even though my band said it was not at that point) so called it a day and walked the distance back.

Haven't felt so great the last couple of days, bit of a stomach bug I think, so could also have contributed, as well as really not eating too well yesterday (Appetite seems to have gone atm).

Anyway back to try and eating some healthy grub today, get myself right and hopefully give it another shot on Saturday. Bit annoyed because my graduation run would have been the day before I set off on my holidays to portugal, but probably now over a half a week behind. Worst comes to the worst I'll repeat a week or two when I come back or try it whilst I'm out there.

Keeping the faith!


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10 Replies

  • I repeated a couple of runs. Take it easy the next few days then give it another shot.

    I'm very jealous of all those lovely hills you have around you by the way!

  • To quote Irish-John this was just a practice run. You will nail the next one but hope you feel better before you go out again. Portugal would be a lovely place to graduate though wouldn't it ! :-) Maybe it was meant be :-)

  • You went out and ran, good for you ✨✨✨✨✨ Take it easy and make your rest count. When you feel better - off you go .......🕶

  • Poor you, very frustrating. But better to take it easy while you recover. Four day hangover perhaps?

  • Sounds like you're unwell - have a nice holiday and start again when you get back

    That's a fair old hill. I did the whole of my C25K running around Greetland playing fields to avoid our hills.

    Is running the other way toward Sowerby Bridge the flattest way in and out of Ripponden?

  • Nice to hear from a neighbour! :D Not due on hols until the 10th August so hopefully will be back at it before then. Theyre both pretty similar either direction, majority of it is a really gradual but long hill. I prefer this way out normally though as although it has the bigger hill at the midpoint, its all downhill to the finish then after that. Hopefully should be fine in a day or two thanks!

  • No worries - sounds like an off day and week 6 is notoriously tricky. Running is for life, so taking slightly longer to complete the programme is really not a problem. You'll be fine next time!

  • Ah not to worry ! Week 6 is a toughie and what with not feeling well and stopping for a chat , it's all thrown you out of your stride .

    Take the positives and leave the rest . Give it another go when you're ready .

    Good Luck ! :-) xxx

  • Hey! You and I sound like we have had a similar week :-) I'm just about to post my W7 report... so do keep the faith - your are doing simply brilliantly :-) and I wasn't a lover of week 6 at all although run 3 is good ....promise you :-)

  • Don't fret ... it's frustrating but it happens to us all ... Wk 7 was my nemesis for some reason, maybe feeling smug as Wk 6 didn't get the better of me like everyone else said ... couldn't believe it when I had my first 'fail' run ... but it's never a fail and I learned that quickly ... even after graduation there have been a few times I've got out of the door, started and turned back ... some days it just won't be your day so roll with it, the next one will be better and actually, listening to your body and pushing a little further is one thing but you come to know the difference between that and 'not today on your nelly for all the tea in China Josephine' ... those days are rare but they don't break you ... hang in there and let us know how the next one goes :-)

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