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So I am about to do the second run of week 6 but this week I have been completely lacking in confidence and motivation. It has been really tough mentally.

I have been completing each run well. My legs don't ache as much, I am recovering quickly and I even managed to slightly increase my speed this week. The only problem is that I feel so down about it all and find that this week it has been really hard to actually start my runs!

I hope I can back into high spirits at the end of this run/week!

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Week 6 is always a bit of an anomaly as you go back to intervals having completed the 20 minute continuous run of week 5. Bear with it as it is just building you up further to the longer non-stop runs. You wait until the end of the week and the joy of running for 25 minutes and I am sure the feeling of joy and elation will be back with you.


Just slow down...relax into the runs, revel as you trot gently along, in how far you have come...:)

Carry on steadily , focus a bit on your style...are you arms and shoulders relaxed, are you kissing the ground with your feet, as you land lightly and gently? Smile as you go..:)

The funny nuances in weather have affected a few of us... and the mojos have been hiding out with the gremlins..So.. chill and finish this week. So close now and if you carry on, we are right there with you as you cruise all the way to the podium!

" Strength comes in the moments when you think you can't go on...but you keep going anyway!"

LaurenS91Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you for your advice and putting a smile on my face :)

I am going to put my positive cap on and just go for it :)


OldflossAdministrator in reply to LaurenS91

You do that! I and the others will be right there with you ! :)


Week six is infamous for giving the gremlins a run on a long leash. You're over the half-way mark and on your way to graduation. Think back to W1R1 and how much progress you have made - and how proud the you "back then" would be knowing that you've got this far. Then be proud of yourself, and project forward to signing up for your first race. Run, tick the box, and give yourself a good hearty slap on the back. You're nearly there now, so focus and gag those gremlins :)

LaurenS91Graduate in reply to mfamilias

Thank you :)

I still can't quite believe I can run so long. I always considered myself as someone who doesn't run ... ever!

I have been looking at my local park run and hopefully complete one not long after graduation!

mfamiliasGraduate in reply to LaurenS91

Bingo. Houston, we have purpose. Now go for it!


W6 strikes again. Quite a challenge this week, as it is a bit of a come-down after the high of W5R3.

Never fear though W6R3, is next and those nice consistent, long runs begin. The mental strength you have built on this week will reap its rewards.

LaurenS91Graduate in reply to Whatsapp

Thanks Whatsapp for your reply. I am quite looking forward to the long runs. W5R3 was such a great achievement for me and I hope to continue succeeding :)


It's fun! Enjoy yourself! Chill out 🙂🏃‍♀️✔️👍


Everything they said plus 'we aren't machines' - I can hardly believe the complex sometimes destructive thoughts I routinely bring to pre-run, run, post-run. So I'd say keep posting, keep sharing (for all our sakes) , go easy on yourself (I just had 3 rest days between w9r1 and w9r2), and catch yourself feeling good (and find a way to bottle it). ❤️

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