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Week 9 run 1 feeling fed up

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So after completing every other run successfully (just once in week 7 I walked about a minute when I shouldn’t have) I set off this morning looking forward to and ready and raring to go for week 9 run 1. After ten mins I had to stop and walk for a minute. After 15 I had to walk for another minute and at 22 mins I stopped altogether and walked home. Feeling fed up, tired, confused and defeated. Usually no matter how tired or achy or not great I feel I can manage to keep pushing myself and find some motivation but this morning nothing. I had to give up. Has anyone else ever had this? I’m really hoping its a one off :(

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Maybe just one of those runs..building up to this is a huge achievement. You may have felt tense even subconsciously...maybe started a little too quickly. You could even have a little big maybe so you don't feel up to par.

Relax..it happens. Rest up for a day..do some lovely stretches and maybe a gentle walk. Then head out again.

You can do this..start slow...stay slow...let the newly forming running legs find their happy pace. Think on how far you have come...enjoy and know we will all be running right there beside you!!

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Hey you are doing a great job, don't feel despondent.

Some days for no apparent reason it just doesn't happen. Be nice to you, forgive yourself 💖 and have a go in another couple of days.


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You're doing really well. Please don't get hung up about walking. After I graduated I came across a runner called Jeff Galloway who was an Olympic athlete who has written loads of books for beginners. His big idea is that we should stop and walk regularly to give ourselves a rest and as a result go further and do faster times. He has written detailed training plans and for example, for my age, he recommends that I should run 90 seconds then walk for 30 seconds. I have tried it and it really does work.

If you read about successful marathon runners they too use this method which is nicknamed 'jeffing'.

There are a few pointers in C25K which aren't particularly helpful (being told to land on your heels for example) so don't beat yourself up about walking. If you really want to do it the hard way (by not walking at all) then just slow your pace down. But doing the times and then ultimately the distances is what matters and gets you fitter. Just do whatever it takes for you to enjoy your runs. Good luck!

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You got out there, it sucked, you tried again, still sucked and then you tried once more, and it refused to not suck... it happens. Kudos for giving it a few shots. The run will have done you good physically. Rest and when it’s run day relax, you know you can do 28 so it wasn’t you... you got this.

Thank you all so much for such positive and motivating responses! It’s so easy to feel negative isn’t it and to put ourselves down but it was one bad day, this morning I felt so despondent but reading these responses has really cheered me back up again and I’m so chuffed with how far I have come. Tomorrow is a new day and I now can’t wait to try again :) I’m not in a competition lol so no rush I’m only doing this for myself. Bring on tomorrow and try again :) thanks all x

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Don’t beat yourself up. A word of a song - don’t be so hard on yourself. Rest days between my runs have really helped me. Your gaining in fitness. So be positive for your future runs. Take care.

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Its a set-back nothing more. I graduated C25K and had been regulary running 5k 3 times a week for a month or so, then the same thing happened. It was a Sunday morning. I went out again twice in the week no problem. The following Sunday same thng.

I walked home asking myself why. Was I hurt, had I hit a wall and could I have carried on. The answers were no-no-yes. I decided it was psychological and next time I felt like stopping I would distract myself, tell myself just to get to the end of the road/ next lampost/ postbox - whatever, and when I got there I would set another goal. You will get there. Grit and determination.

Again thanks for the advice and support, the distraction technique sounds like it could help. I managed to do week 9 run 2 this morning. No stopping and I ran for 4.5k. I know that’s not on track for 5k but I’m really pleased with my progress and really enjoyed this morning so huge thanks again for the motivation to keep going x

Don’t worry about the distance at this stage. The title of the programme is slightly misleading as the goal is to get you running for 30 minutes. Unfortunately Couch to Running for Thirty Minutes isn’t as catchy as C25K.

Once you’ve done 30minutes three times you are a graduate no matter how far you ran. You ran for 30 minutes!!!! That’s what counts.

Distance will come in time, be kind to yourself and have a good rest day tomorrow.

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