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Week 9: Run 1

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*insert happy dance here*

I knew I had things to do this morning so I had a Plan. Which started with me putting on running gear first thing.

I parked the car in a local supermarket car park near the cricket pitch; walked the dog, briskly down the street to the groomers in the drizzly rain, and was only a couple of minutes late. Walked back up the street just as briskly; up the side of the cricket pitch, trying out some dynamic stretching as I went; and ended up back at the car for a lightning fast change of footwear.

Off to the cricket pitch again for a lap, fast forwarding through Sarah Millican's intro and the warm up as I went and then yay- the run began!

Off the cricket pitch and onto the wooded path behind some houses; behind the school and onto the Rec; round the Rec in a big figure eight; slight slowing down as I met a dog walking acquaintance with her spaniel and we called Happy Christmas to each other; slightly different route behind the houses and yes, back to the cricket pitch.

Laps round the cricket pitch were boring but had to be done and then finally there was only one minute to go. I was nearly back at the pavilion, so I picked up my pace when I'd turned the final corner and sprinted for 'the line' (it was a rubbish bin, and I was not going to slow down until I got to it, dammit! :D)

Slightly over 4k in a 33 minutes (which shows you how long it took me to fast forward through the intro and warm up walk while wearing gloves).

Run complete.

Shame I still had to go to the butchers, then brave Tesco before I could fetch the dog from the groomers and come home....

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Ooh there's nothing like a cricket pitch when it's drizzling to bore the pants off you is there! Sounds like a great run though, and plenty left in the tank before the rubbish bin :) Only 60 minutes of running before you get your badge!!

Have to say you are more than brave to do a Tesco (other stores are available) run at this time of year. It's madness out there! Looking forward to the graduation post :) :)

in reply to McFitty

So Boring zzzz

Tesco was not as bad as I feared.

I'm looking forward to making the graduation post πŸ˜‰


Great runπŸ˜€πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ


Well done! Will you manage to squeeze in your graduation in 2016?

in reply to Ullyrunner

I'm really hoping to. Running Christmas day might be a no go, but there's only adults in this house this year, so you never know! Otherwise we have all the family on Boxing Day so I'll aim to graduate... uh... whatever day the day after Boxing day is... Tuesday of next week?

in reply to Maddee_6333

Just 2 wee runs till grad - yes you can finish 2016 on a high! You've got 9 daysπŸ˜‰


Well done - nearly there!! :)


It's so exciting; it's like Chtistmas--

Wait, it IS Christmas πŸŽ…


You are so close now :) Here's to 2017 as a graduate!

in reply to loisamelia

Thank you!

It was that cold here this morning I had to keep my gloves on for the whole run. Well done you're nearly there and it'll be great to complete before the New Year. You can make all sorts of great running plans for 2017 :)


What type of dog do you have? I run with my Springer spaniel but he is usually off the lead - he runs faster than me!!

in reply to skysue16

I own a cav x springer who is the one who was at the groomers today.

I do canicross with her and my daughter's beagle.


Sorry for delayed reply - no internet or phone for nearly a week! Cav/ springer sounds lovely mixture :)

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