Week 9 Run 1 - Failure!!

Week 9 Run 1 - Failure!!

I knew I was tempting fate by bragging in my last post that I hadn't had to walk or repeat a run on this programme. Pride comes before a fall eh?

Well here we are at Hornby Castle, Bedale. Very pretty. Now, I was tired. Mr. Sazzle had executed a most impressive training stint for the World Snoring Championships lasting around six hours with some inhuman decibel levels. Not great in a caravan!

But, undeterred, I was up at 6.15, dressed, Garmin, Spotify - off we go!! Couldn't get out of the showground. Completely fenced in.

Now, in retrospect, I never once thought "Oh, bugger it - I'll go back and have a cup of tea" - I just started to do my warm up walk around the perimeter fence. Very long grass, rabbit holes, generally not a great surfaces. But after my 5 minute walk I set off. Lasted two minutes. Knackered!

I finally spotted a High Vis security guard and persuaded him to let me out and finally set off running up the road to the Castle. Two pretty big hills to start off with had me struggling, but I soldiered on. But I only managed 28 minutes and had to walk. Twice. My most difficult run by far

So I'll be repeating W9R1. I don't mind - I know now I'm in it for the long haul. But a faultless execution would have been nice. That'll teach me :-)

Slices of Mars Bar Cake earned = 0


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24 Replies

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  • There's no such thing as failure, as you well know! Great 28 minute run, especially given those hills, and of course you had to get back early to check the cake was OK! Next run will be fine :)

  • Thank you. Fingers crossed! :-)

  • That does look yummy! Don't beat yourself up, you did manage to get out there

  • Thank you. Yes I did, didn't I? It's this forum and comments like that that have kept me going. Have a lovely weekend :-)

  • Having to walk to get your breath back is fine. No problem with it at all. i don't think you should feel it's a sign of weakness. Having a walk while you recover can mean the job gets done rather, than you having to quit. Don't rule it out. Lots of runners do it in races, including me☺

    enjoy yourself with your weekend. sorry to hear about your resident snoring champ. I have one of those at home too πŸ˜•

  • Thanks MissW. Now I've had a coffee and my brain's woken up I realised that with the 2 minute field run I did do 30 minutes after all!! And a couple of fierce hills which I ran up so I'm less disappointed.

    Here working til Monday and might try a slightly different run as it is very beautiful and I now know how to get out!!

    Not sure the snorer will survive if he continues like last night!!

  • You went out there a little sleepless, you tackled hills, you did 28 mins! And on top of eating all that cake for dinner the night before 😜 ! Well done you, just keep going you are soooooooo close now :)

  • Thank you - perhaps it was the cake. There's 11 Mars Bars in it in total!!! :-D

  • You need your own van! You need your sleep too. It does your head in doesn't it😯

    I am going away this weekend and wanted to take my running shoes but going to rest my poorly knee instead. Typical! I am off to the pancake flat Fens 😊 i was looking forward not to have to tackle a hill.

  • Lol now there's an idea. I wear earplugs every night, but sometimes even they don't work - how he sleeps I've no idea!!

    Look after that knee and have a lovely weekend :-)

  • thanks. You too☺

  • Aww never mind your nearly there now they are polishing you badge....and that cake!! Wow ☺

  • failure ? don't think so,. that word doesn't compute here :) 28 mins in unfamiliar surrounding, rabbit holes and hills ( the devils work) reckon that's a good run in my book :)

    put that one down to experience and you will rock the next one , well done nearly there :) keep at it !

  • Thank you Rob :-) You're right about them hills - pure evil!!

  • Hey Sazz , Morning ! Just on my way to Leeds HQ to see Mam and my Sis .

    Chin up my lovely lady . You can do this , course you can . You will nail it, no worries !

    I am starting my healthy eating regime today , but that cake looks flippin' gorgeous !!!!

    Have a good day and can't you stick Hubby on the caravan roof or summat tonight ha ha:-D xxx

  • Hey PP - Home for the Bank Holiday eh? Have yourself a lovely time :-)

    I'm not normally tempted by my cakes, but I have to say this one smelt like heaven :-D

    I'm considering making him sleep in the marquee tonight - seriously!!

    Have fun! xxxx

  • Hi Sazzle, back in Red Rose County now , was only visiting Leeds HQ for the day.

    There was a cow on the M62 near Rochdale ! They had to bring all the traffic to a standstill to get it off !

    I think its okay, , I darednt look ! :-) xxx

  • Not exactly a failure ...... some great dedication and determination in there!

    You are so nearly there and nothing is going to stop you now!!!

    PS Do you want a lodger? I just think that with all of these beautiful cakes you might need some help to eat them .............

  • I married a champion snorer so you have my heartfelt sympathy - in fact I'm sure it's his fault that you struggled with the run this morning.

    Listen to yourself 'only 28 minutes' !! You're doing great.

    Now, send us a slice of that cake....

  • Lol Ully - I reckon you're right - I blame him entirely!! Slice in the post for you ;-)

  • That cake looks amazing!! X

  • Just to echo what has already been said, it's just a small setback. With a better sleep and a slightly easier route, you will smash it next time.

    I love Mars bars more than cake!

  • Thank you all - you lot are amazing at cheering me up. And me and 'The Snorer' have just walked part of where I ran - and those hills were huge!! I just kept my head down and went for it - no wonder I was jiggered. Feel much better now and looking forward to repeating. No worries :-) :-) :-)

  • But you kept going and that is super. I think snoring partners are excellent for helping get you out of bed nice and early - see, there is always an up side! Hey, well done you.

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