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W4R2 with only two lungs


Just finished run 2. Had an extra days rest as I was still aching from Sunday's run and also did 12 hour shift at work. It was definitely easier than R1 as I didn't need extra lungs strapped to my back. 2nd 5 mins still a challenge mentally but I showed my gremlins who wins by sprinting last 20 secs. Doesn't sound much but it was more than all I had. Felt good after (5 mins after once I had caught my breath). Snack today is banana not doughnut. Good boy aren't I?

Good luck with you're next run

If I can do it anyone can

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Sounds like yours heads in the game, I am struggling with week 4, especially the last run, from the advise I have received I need to slow down, I will find out on Thursday if the advise works , I might just repeat the week until I can achieve the last run,

Have you had any stumbles?

WolvesmadGraduate in reply to jeffers74

No stumbles yet but I am really stubborn. Worried about today as 4/1 was really hard and I ached for longer. You do almost double the running in week 4 compared to week 3 so I expected it to be harder on me. It's just my mental gremlins that try and talk me out of it. Even had dreams about it last night and all the reasons why i shouldn't do it. Am lying on the bed now recovering but got there. I'm in charge not the head gremlins lol


Good job... the progress is there for you to see. Love spending some energy at the end, that shows you got more for the next one. Onwards and upwards.


Well done! Sometimes extra rest day can do miracles!

You are doing more than great! And banana! Well done! So healthy!

I'm going to have my run in less than hour, keep your fingers crossed for me.

WolvesmadGraduate in reply to IgaT

Go girl you can do it

IgaTGraduate in reply to Wolvesmad

Oh man, this is / was so sweary run :P already on my cool down walk :)

WolvesmadGraduate in reply to IgaT

You did it yay


Well done. Keep it up, the running and bananas!!

Im exactly there. Did 2 on Tuesday. Will do run 3 tomorrow as I played footy for an hour yesterday. Today is rest day. Good luck with the rest.

WolvesmadGraduate in reply to MarkRad

You too


You will get fitter physically and mentally as you progress. Well done on your progress, keep going 😁

And definitely stick with the banana' s.. keep the donuts for a treat once and a while 😁

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