I am SO happy! After the run 2 for 8 mins, that was more than enough for me - I was shattered.

Can't beleive I have run for 20 mins without stopping - elated! Didn't know who else to tell (or who would care) so here I am letting it all out! My podcast cut out after Laura said "5 mins left" so I shifted my phone to play a 6min song from Slumdog Millionaire and made it! So technically I did a minuite extra.... so THERE Laura!



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12 Replies

  • Woohoooo!

  • I remember that run too - what a fear I had all day of failure - congratulations that you also completed this milestone.

  • Thanks. I want other people to know it is doable!! Feels weird after struggling to run for 60 secs weeks ago!

  • I'm on W4R3 next and already dreading W5R3! Feel really nervous just thinking about ti! So glad to know that it can be done!! It really helps!

  • Its was not so bad was it. I also did this today as a work up following a month off due to injury. Forgot how terryfing it was and how good you feel after. It was not easy. But you keep going boo scribbles your doing great.

  • Well done boo scribbles, I felt much the same!

  • Well done. I did mine this week too and beforehand it seems undo-able, but in the end.... you just do it, don't you? No mean feat though. Onwards and onwards.... W6, here we come!

  • That's just what I need to hear, thank you! Just finished W5 R2 and was really pleased with myself until I listened to the intro to run 3 and heard the dreaded 20 minutes. But, if you guys have survived it then hopefully so can I :-) On the plus side 8 minutes was over one complete lap of my small park, so I managed to 'run' all the way round it for the first time - hooray ***thanks for the encouragement boo_scribbles and good luck with week 6.

  • Good luck foylefiend you can DEFINITELY do this. Your brain will try and convince you you're crazy but your legs will keep on going :) thanks for all your kind words. If it wasn't for these forums it would be one lonely slog to week 9!

    Happy running x

  • Well done boo, I was glad to read this is doable coz i'm doing it on Sunday evening. It's a bit weird coz last week I was feeling good about doing 5 minutes but this week I'm going to be doing 20 minutes. How does that work?? Laura MUST know what she's talking about though, she's got us this far.

  • Well done you! You are inspiring me. It is my W5R3 tomorrow and I'm nervous about it. One thing I'm telling myself is that Laura has been right so far and so I'm going to trust her. Not sure I trust myself but that's another mountain to climb!

  • Once you've run for 20 mins you feel like you can do ANYTHING :)

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