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1st run as a graduate

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Today was my first run as a graduate and I had an extra spring in my step. I managed to quickly get into a comfortable pace and completed a 5k in 30 minutes. Going to stick with the 30 minute runs for a bit and just see how far I get in the time

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Well done to you Run1980 in completing C25K and graduating, also great to hear from you that you ran a 5k in 30 minutes.

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That’s excellent Run1980, I graduated in May and still haven’t got down to 30 mins - mind you I’m slightly older at 60. Enjoy those consolidation runs , mixing it up a bit, and then come and join us on the bridge.

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Run1980Graduate in reply to Dexy5

What’s the bridge? It sounds interesting

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Dexy5Graduate in reply to Run1980

It’s the next forum - Bridge 210K. It’s for post grads who want to run longer or want to get more post grad advice. After consolidation you might be interested in doing juju’s magic plan which takes you from 5K to 10K. If you go there you can find out more.

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Run1980Graduate in reply to Dexy5

Fab thanks, that was going to be my next step. Going to enjoy the comfort of being able to do the 5k for now but then I really want to move on to the 10K so will take a look

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Hi Run, , very well done today and another 30 minute 5k 👍. I also had my first post Graduation run today and decided to take it steady as still didn't think I'd fully recovered from Thursdays run and have felt very lethargic all weekend. My running didn't feel at all good and was expecting to have a 38/40 5k and was quite surprised to see I did it in 35.08 with a best split time of 6.42 in the last K. Keep up the good work. Hat

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Run1980Graduate in reply to HATTER8142

Sorry to hear your run wasn’t the best, we all get those runs tho. I think I only did well coz it’d been a tough day at work. I always run better after a bad day, think it’s a good stress reliever. Hope you enjoy your next run 😁

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Well done and a great time. I graduated in July and I’m slowly creeping towards 30 mins (30.26 on Saturday). Head over to B210K when you’re ready for a new challenge

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Run1980Graduate in reply to Catster

Is this the bridge that dexy5 mentioned? Will have to look into it

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CatsterGraduate in reply to Run1980

Yes the same forum that dexy5 mentioned. It has a plan to increase your distance to 10K

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Run1980Graduate in reply to Catster

Thanks will defo give that a go in a few weeks 😊

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David_G in reply to Run1980

Hi Run1980, yes I imagine it’s the Bridge to 10K that Dexy mentioned. 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️ I did a few weeks consolidation after C25K then followed Ju-Ju’s plan on Bridge (look for pinned posts on the right) and graduated without any problem. Believe in yourself, believe in the plan, take your time and enjoy it! 😀👍

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Run1980Graduate in reply to David_G

Thanks David_G I would be so chuffed if I can manage a 10K that’s my goal for the spring 😁

Nice! Kudos for the 5k in 30 minutes. I fear I might be a (long) while waiting for that to happen! 🐌

You’ve done so well. Bet you’re proud as anything. 👏👏

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Run1980Graduate in reply to cheekychipmunks

I’m just so happy to be back we’re i was, I thought I’d lost my running legs forever! I know you say your a long way off but at least you are out running, that’s the most important thing! Good luck and keep enjoying 😁

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cheekychipmunksGraduate in reply to Run1980

That I will definitely manage! 😀

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Well done! Excellent at 30 mins.

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Run1980Graduate in reply to Deals1

Thank you 😊

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Excellent run... great pace and comfortable... you’ll be very ready to extend towards 10k soon.

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Run1980Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

That’s my plan in a few weeks 🤩

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