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1st Post Graduate Run...

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Hi everyone...

Hope you all are well and still running.

Well I went for my 1st post graduate run this evening. Gave myself a few days off since my graduation run on Saturday due to the pain in my right heel but I felt ok this evening, plus I was missing running.

So I went for a nice 30 minute run. Nothing more, nothing less. Just a nice steady run.

All went well. It was strange not hearing Mr Johnson talk to me but I'll manage without him somehow. ☺

My pace seems to be increasing steadily every kilometer that I run nowadays, so that 5km might not be too far away. Not pushing it though, it'll happen in due course.

Well nothing major to report right now but I did say you all wouldn't get rid of me and so here I am.

Hope you all are still managing to run at some point even though the weather has been very warm. That's why I went out this evening around 9pm. It was nice and cool by then.

Anyway happy running everyone.x

13 Replies
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Well done. It’s lovely going out at that time!

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Donna79 in reply to Tasha99

It sure was and I wasn't the only one so obviously alot of people had the same thing in mind. ☺

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Congratulations Donna! Can’t wait to have the post grad experience, but I’m enjoying MJ’s dulcit tones. I think I’m going to miss him quite a lot, but we’ll see. Enjoy! ❤️

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Donna79 in reply to Fabulous450

Thank you. Yes it was strange not having him talk to me after our 9 week relationship and informing me of the time remaining. Think I might rerun the last run of week 9 sometimes on the app so I can have him in my ears sometimes. 😊

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Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Donna79

Great idea! Enjoy! ❤️

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That’s great Donna, well done you! 😄

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Thank you. 😊

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Phew!! I was starting to wonder where you were, hon! Glad the foot seems okay. Good that you're reconciling yourself to Post-Michael Stress Disorder. Even better that you're relaxing into real post-programme "Know what, I'm getting a bit quicker! Kewl" territory.

Don't be a stranger. We all love Donna!! xx ❤

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Donna79 in reply to sallenson

Hello my dear....

Yes I'm still here. My foot isn't 100% at all but I managing with it. Rubbing, rolling, icing, stretching you name it, I'm doing it.

I'm not going anyway so you all are stuck with me for the time being.x

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sallensonGraduate in reply to Donna79


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Well done! First run without time intervals. I like it better do you? As waiting for some of the time updates I felt like the app had stopped working 🤣 glad your foot is better x

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Donna79 in reply to Bridget007

Thank you. Yes I agree with you on that aspect. I have the Samsung health app talking to me every 1km anyway so that's ok for now. One of these runs I will actually try without music too and so how I get on.

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Lovely stuff Donna! Sorry I’m so late! Glad you are still here! We never want you leave!!

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