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W1, R1. Help, already moaning!

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Have just come back from the 1st 'run' with our dog Callie. I felt we both needed a plan to give us a little more action in our daily walks and thought couch to 5k could be it.

Boy, I didn't expect the first session to be so hard and unenjoyable though. Dry throat, runny noses and wobbly bits jiggling all about. I felt self conscious and silly while jogging and am sure that 60 seconds got longer each time!

Home now with slightly jelly legs and Callie has gone for a lie down. I don't know about her but I'm dreading the next session! Any advice welcome please :)

Oh and I also managed to butt dial my son and my bank while running too!

Tia Socks and Callie

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I think most find it hard to start with. I certainly did! Keep with it it gets better as your fitness improves. Stick your phone in flight mode that solves most technology problems😊

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Don’t worry it nearly killed me! It’s a very hard run... first you have to get off the couch to do it... second you have no idea how fast to run to get through a minute, third every bit of you hasn’t done this for ages, if at all. There’s probably a thousand reasons that it’s so hard. But then something amazing just happened... you got through it.

Slow down a little if you can, and read the guide. Your fitness level will rise quicker than you think possible. Enjoy your next one.

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U did great just gettin off the couch 👍 well done u 🎉 I was readin through these chats yest and picked up a couple of very important bits of info...1 take it slowly, ur not runnin a marathon or tryin 4 a personal best (not just yet anyway)..2 if some1 was runnin on the other side of hedge or wall they shouldnt be able 2 tell if ur walkin or runnin..slowly & steady.

I said I wouldnt prob get past W1R1..I just completed W3R1 yest 🎉👍😉

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You did it, thats the main thing! Stick with the program and you'll feel less silly each time. I certainly do, and Im only a few weeks in. When you're running for a few minutes, 5, 10 then 20 you'll feel like a runner and that does wonders for your confidence :)

I started the first run with my dog too (cocker spaniel) but his toilet stops caused too much of a problem to keep with the program so he usually now has his walk before or afterwards :D

Best of luck, and well done!

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Well done for getting out there!

I remember staggering home after my first run with the old jelly legs! That was the moment I thought back to when I'd finished week 5 and it was hard to imagine. Everyone's different, but take it slowly and trust the programme, it really does seem to work.

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Oh and re butt dialing :D Couple of things you could try - I used to have an armband thing for my phone but my phone now is way too big & heavy for it, so got a running rucksack from amazon instead, only have my phone and keys in there, and run holding a water bottle. Around £20 but has a nice opening at the top for earphones, and can be used for hiking too with a water bladder.

Well done for getting off the couch & starting. The first run is always difficult and when I started, I thought I would never run for 30 mins non stop but I did and so will you :) Don't worry about looking silly, we imagine we look worse that we actually are and for anyone who thinks you look silly, well, they can get their kit on and give a go and see how they look!

Are you running too fast maybe? When I started, I was told to go slow and then slow down some more. It works too. Never mind if you feel you are going at a snail's pace, speed will come later on. I'm still not speedy but I get there and at the end of the day, 5k is 5k regardless of speed. Make sure you have a rest day tomorrow and then go out and crush that 2nd day. You can do it and we're all here to help you through it. xx

I’m sorry you made me laugh “butt dialing” lol Seriously well done for getting out there & completing your first run, for many, the hardest. Best bit of advice l was given is to run slowly. 🐌🐌 pace is about right (for me, it works). 👍🏻

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Maybe you overdid it. This is all about going at a snail’s pace.

Self-conscious and silly 🤷‍♀️ You’re up and doing! Rejoice! 😃

We all start this off the couch We know if you keep going you’ll be hooked and won’t give a flying ...... what folks think 💪👍😃🏃‍♀️🐕

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Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Enjoy your journey.

Thank you so much for the love, support and pep; I really did need it!

I was so deflated yesterday after finding the first run so difficult. I knew I wasn't going to 'enjoy' it because I have never ran (or wanted to,) and I have no physical stamina; but still, it was just so hard!

I read through your replies and guide to the program a few times and decided to come clean and tell my family what we had done. My husband was concerned for Callie?! And the children were amused but supportive (apart from one who was mortified because her friend had driven past me jogging, lol.)

Today is a rest day but I figured I would reply yesterdays run if I felt like it and walk quickly on the run bits. I wore less clothes, took tissues, phone on plane mode in different pocket and picked a different route. I paused the app to give myself longer walk bits and found myself slowly baby-step jogging the run bits and focusing on relaxing my posture and controlling my breathing.

It was much more of a success. I felt more in control and less embarrassed and Callie anticipated the constant change of pace. Oh, and I didn't butt dial anyone :)

I'm not sure I would even be thinking of attempting tomorrows run without your help so thank you again. I think we'll take it one day at a time and at our own slow pace to try and make this program work for us. I really hope we both feel the benefits of some extra exercise and learn to love it. I can't believe I'm even saying that!

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Slow_RobGraduate in reply to SocksandCallie

That's great SocksandCallie well done on getting out there and completing your 2nd run .

Your confidence, stamina and endurance will all slowly improve as you progress.. keep at it you doing great😀

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steviej99Graduate in reply to SocksandCallie

Brilliant, with that great attitude you'll have no problems. It's all about slow and steady, building confidence and stamina. It's not a race so just enjoy it, the benefits are amazing. Keep posting on here with your highs and lows, the support is brilliant

I’ve just done the second run. The first one was HARD and I ached for days afterwards! The second one was easier, I could actually follow the instructions and keep running for the full minute each time. And I didn’t ache as much.

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