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w1 r1 - the night after the first run

omg! I felt so achey I couldn't believe it! my feet, and my legs - it felt like the growing pains of my teenage years. I really didn't sleep well. I was aching so much and felt so hot and heavy - I put cooling moisturiser on my legs and arms at 3.30 am, listened to some relaxation stuff and eventually went back to sleep about an hour later.

I am so surprised at how rough I felt! woah - so out of condition.

My boyfriend assured me it is normal and said it will go away. He is a national champ cyclist and has had is his fare share of aches!

My fear is that I am going to be running achey tomorrow and will ache even more each run this week! I guess everyone is different in how much they ache etc, I hope it wont scare me off!

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We felt dreadful the evening after our first run too - but the rest of week1 was fine. Did my first week 2 last night & felt achey again - but not as bad as that very first one. Stick with it - it gets better!


Well done on starting this mundomagic and yes, it can be a real shock to the body the first few times but dont let that put you off, it will get easier. I would advise to leave maybe 2 days before your next run to give yourself that bit of extra time to recover; you dont want to do yourself an injury!


Make sure to do some stretches when you fininsh - that seems t take my pain away. I strectch my calves by balancing on a step on my toes (each leg in turn), put heel on third step up & lean into it for hamstrings (I think they are!!!), then bend at the knee & pull my foot against my bum! That seems to work for the muscles at the front of the leg!! Good luck


Well done on getting the first run done with! You'll be running longer the you ever thought you'd be capable of before you know it! Good luck for your next run :-)


Hi mundomagic, well done on taking the first step.

I felt like you did too in fact it took me two weeks to complete the 3 runs in W1 because I was so unfit.

I'm 46, totally unfit and the wrong side of 17 stone so as you can imagine I have got all kinds of aches and pains going on, but since I have started the programme I have noticed that all those funny aches and pains I usually have are getting better.

Yes, I find my muscles are a bit tight and achy the day after a run but I have lost 3 quarters of a stone, can feel my clothes getting looser and when I tense my legs can even feel the start of teeny tiny muscles :o)

Stick with it and take lots of hot baths, I find they really help.


I found that good stretches and a lovely hot (but not too hot) bath helped me yesterday, I was aching when I came back in - week 1 day 2 - so thought I'd give it a try, was a bit stiff today but not too sore, I was sore on Tuesday morning after day 1 though! I've tried deep freeze in the past when I have had muscle ache from exercise, lovely cooling gel that smells nice and minty too, so think I might need to buy some more for when I get further into the programme.


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