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W8 R1 done - Already doing 5k!!


After my initial nervousness about moving from W7 to W8, I went out last night and did the first run of W8.

It was a cool night and the lane I run down was in some shade, which is rare as I usually run in the early afternoon.

I have already tracked my route, so I know where the 5k mark is and I managed to do the whole 5k in the 28 minutes.

Actually surprised myself about how good I felt too afterwards (the last 5 minutes was VERY hard work at the time though!).

Feeling well chuffed with myself.

Later that evening I watched Mo Farah run the 10k in 28 minutes (while he was not on great form) and have since developed a new 'ultimate' level of respect for those guys. Hats off.

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That's very fast! Well done

Take care


28 mins?! Man, I'm doing about 4k in 30 mins so very well done, you. Keep it up.


Thank you both.

I have struggled with my pace since the start of the programme and had to slow down massively when I got to W6 as I was going way too fast then and really struggled to do the full 20 mins. To my mind I was not going fast, but clearly I was.

It also explains why I was having knee troubles at the very start, I was clearly going WAY too fast - despite trying not to.

I have never been able to run any sort of distance - even as a kid any more than 200m would nearly kill me. I am now so happy with the progress I have made and it is all thanks to this programme. Seeing other people going through the same struggles has been a real help and has spurred me on to keep plugging away at it. I actually started the programme back in March, but had two breaks due to injury (knee pain as mentioned above).


Hey , good going Maysie :-) Yep, got to agree about Mo , it isn't until you start running yourself that you realise how fast they are . I cant get my head around the fact he can do 10k in 28 minutes, its just unbelievable ! :-) xxx


Great achievement and 5k in 28 minutes is good going indeed (my current PB is 28.28).


I'm now getting worried that my distance calculations may be wrong. At least I can now check it with my fancy new Garmin watch though!!

I am currently loafing on the sofa with a pint of stout, while the lamb curry cooks, so I don't think I will be setting any records tomorrow....

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Don't worry about the distance. It really doesn't matter that much, but if you did do 5k in 28 mins then you really are running at a good pace. The most important thing at your stage is to relishthe huge improvement in your fitness that the last few weeks of hard work have given you and above all, enjoy your running.

Keep running, keep smiling.

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