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A Revelation (W1 R1)

This is my first blog post. Someone mentioned C25K to me weeks ago, and having enthusiastically ventured into the deep dark depths of my wardrobe to locate my trainers, and blown the thick layer of dust off them, I subsequently ignored them for a good two weeks.

Suddenly, my nerve had gone. Memories of previous exercise failures swam round my head - those gym memberships I bought and then cancelled, those vows to go 5 times a week resulting in pain, exhaustion, and an intense dislike for that place. Whenever I guiltily glanced over at those shoes, sitting pathetically next to the door, I just could not imagine how running for 30 mins could be remotely possible.

Yesterday however, I had a breakthrough. Curiosity brought me back onto the website, searching for that elusive motivation. How had other people overcome this mental block? I was sure I was not alone.

And it turns out, I wasn't. Having asked for some advice on how to get going, lots of people got in touch, who all seemed absolutely lovely. Thank you all so much for your help. And one idea came through loud and clear, echoed in almost all of the responses: Just do it - bite the bullet and get out there. IT WILL BE OK.

I've just finished the first run and y'no, they were right. It wasn't that bad. Sure, I was pretty tired once it was over, but I didn't curl up on the floor and wait for death as usually happens. In fact, there was a part of me which actually enjoyed it! (and don't tell anyone, but I'm secretly looking forward to my next one...) What has happened to me?!

So to anyone who is reading this and, like me, was dithering on the edge, unwilling or too scared to take the plunge, I wish to reiterate the key concept I took from all those lovely people who took the time to help me.

Stop thinking about what has happened. Stop thinking about what might happen. Just think about now, and jump in.

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Well done Pineapple81 - that's brilliant! You've done the hardest thing which is to get out there for the first time so I hope you feel very proud of yourself. It will never be as hard again to get your trainers on - keep going and ENJOY!!


Well done, that's the biggest hurdle over, enjoy the program, you'll be amazed how you progress from week to week.


Well done!! Keep going, this programme is fantastic.


Good for you Pineapple! You're over the biggest hurdle. It's amazing how this programme grabs you and turns you into a completely different person - a runner! Next you'll be nipping into Lidl or Aldi to look at the running kit or browsing SportsDirect and you'll find so much stuff you never knew existed! I'm speaking from experience here! Then you'll be telling all your friends (and even complete strangers) about c25k and how it is changing your life and it could change theirs if they gave it a go! There's more but you'll find them out for yourself - keep running and keep blogging! Good luck, we're all here cheering you on! :)


Hey Pineapple - well done and welcome!! You have been bitten by the bug, just like all of us on here and all that oona says is so true - you just wait and see!!

I remember the first time I went out, feeling really self-conscious and a bit of a fraud with my "proper" running gear on but I was determined to do it and I did. You will enjoy some runs more than others and some will feel better than others but stick with it, follow it and trust it cos it works and before you know it you will have that green badge next to your name - I look forward to congratulating you on that day!! Sue


Fantastic, well done. Just how good do you feel now?

Keep telling us how you are doing.

Enjoy it all.


Looking forward to seeing how you progress, and getting ready, like Sue, to congratulate you when you get there. We've all been there fore each other, it's been a wonderful experience, and there are some really great people out there who don't care if you have an off-day, and are there with the virtual hugs and wise words to pick you up again. Keep it going :)

Reply are on....I will stop dithering and pencil in Tuesday for my first ever run


Well said and well done!! Oh yes, and Welcome!!

You have already taken the hardest steps of the program...the ones that led you from the couch to the door to take your first run!!

Keep Running and keep us posted!! :-)



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