W1 R1 just complete!

I just completed my very first run! I'm nearly 40 and try to swim twice a week but running is totally new to me. I honestly couldn't have done it without the App - I did have to continue a brisk walk through the 7th run phase as at that point i just felt like stopping and that I couldn't it, but did finish with run number 8, so I made it to the end. I'm so glad I had the app encouraging me or I don't think I'd have got to the end!

Any other newbies out there!?


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18 Replies

  • I started yesterday! Similar age to you too! I really enjoyed it and looking forward to run 2.

    Congratulations for getting started!

  • Well done to you too! Lets hope we can keep eachother motivated to carry on. Top of my tights are feeling it a little today! My next run is Sunday. Let me know how your W1 R2 goes as I've heard it can feel a little more challenging on the 2nd but then gets easier!? :o)

  • I have just finished R2! I actually really enjoyed it and managed to travel an extra 130 metres in the workout which was exciting. Good luck for your run tomorrow!

  • I've just started this morning as well, although I didn't run outside decided to keep it to the gym treadmill for the moment so that I can get my tabata routine in after (OK so the real reason is so no one sees me lol). I've never been a runner but I walk a lot so at 42 let's see if I can master the run. Good luck 🍀

  • Hi can I ask what speed u used on walk /run pls xx

  • Juliead , my husband has run for over 10 years and runs approx 10km a few times a week and he recommended taking it slowly to make sure I could finish the distance.

    I started with the brisk walk and moved into a very slow jogging pace - litterally just more than a brisk walk. On a couple of the 60 second runs I think I went a little fast as on the penultamate run I couldn't manage it, but kept the brisk walk up! Am planning to take it really slow on w1 R2 to make sure I can do all the run phases.

    I downloaded Strava which records the distance and pace and over the podcast I covered 1.8 miles, so I really wasn't going fast but apparently its better to start slow for the entire course/podcast and once you complete the program to build speed up.

    Good luck Juliea6786. Let me know how it goes!

  • Thank you xxxxxx i am just building up the walk level for next 2 weeks as I have been very ill and this is a huge leap for me. I am so grateful for ur advice xxx

  • Sounds like a great plan. Best of kuck to you. (Be sure to drink plenty of fluids before your run to keep hydrated).

  • Excellent! Congrat's for startingn LynnC1975. I went about 9.30 after the school run in hope wouldn't bump into anybody I knew -haa! At least we are out there trying it! Fingers crossed for W1 R2 which I'll be doing on Sunday - hope your's goes well too!

  • Thank you Windmill10! W1 R2 is planned for tomorrow. Think I will have my porridge at 7 and run at 9. Hope your goes well. Great to get feedback - increases motivation. Thanks again. :-)

  • Hi -I'm doing it on the treadmill as well. I'm finding it easier than when I attempted it outside. I've just finished week 4.

  • Wow - week 4 seems a long way away at the moment. Congratulations. How have you found the progression Likac66?

  • I'm a similar age to you as well. It's been good - each week has been challenging but I have managed every run even when I haven't felt confident. I definitely think the treadmill has helped because I'm able to keep a consistent pace and not worry about uneven ground, traffic, pedestrians etc.

  • Hi - I started on Tuesday - I felt fantastic and managed (just to complete all tasks). Second day on Thursday - managed it again but by Thursday evening felt exhausted and a bit of a temp. I finished antibiotics last Sunday for a chest infection and wonder if I started the C@%K too soon after this? Any thoughts? I'm female 60.

  • portyroz Massive Congratulations for starting and completing R2! I'll be doing R2 on Sunday, and have heard that often people find R2 more of a challenge as the muscles in the legs are still in a little big of shock. Apparently it get should get a little more used to it after R3. Fingers crossed. Sorry to hear you were poorly on your second run - I expect it would feel draining! Good luck with the program. Keep me posted :o)

  • Thank you! Keep in touch - be great to hear how you're doing :-)

  • I did it! W1 R2 completed this morning at 7.45 before the temps got too hot. I'll write a full post on it. Look forward to hearing how you are all progressing too!

  • FANTASTIC! Well done you! I've stopped running until I see my GP - I think i may still have a bit of infection. i fully intend to start again when this gets sorted out.

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