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Wow! I've actually done it!


Just completed my graduation run...can't believe it I've never stuck to anything like this in my life(60 next month) Thanks must go to my inspirational sister in law Bettyb719 who, 9 weeks ago, told me about this and I said to her I'd give it a go..... so sitting here with my celebratory gin and tonic after shedding a tear or two when Sarah M told me that that was my run finished!! Although I didn't post here really I read all the posts every day and thanks to you all for your motivation and advice. So what now ....I aim to run for 30 mns 3 times a week gradually building up my speed so I'm running 5k and build up my stamina with hills (my current run is totally flat) as the local Park Run is apparently quite hilly. I just have to get over my fear of running in the dark - two of my runs are at 6am and the park and roads are so pitch black at that time of the morning. I've ordered flashing arm bands, waistcoat thing that flashes and will wear a head torch so visibility will be sorted, it's just scary....I just have to man up!! So finally how do I go about getting my graduation badge???

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Huge congratulations GRADUATE!!! Celebrations are indeed in order.. and after the party...please check out the What's Next post :)

Also.. click on the link for your badge!



Tearing up here Tootsie! I am SO proud of you. We must do a park run together before too long! Enjoy your gin!

Bettyb719Graduate in reply to Bettyb719

And PS - loving the description of your running gear! I just got some running leggings with refelective patterns on them, but no flashing lights thingies as yet. But I have street lights where I run. Well done again!

Tootsie60Graduate in reply to Bettyb719

Thanks Bettyb!! Yes should do - maybe in the new year I'll be feeling a bit more confident xx

Bettyb719Graduate in reply to Tootsie60

That’ll do for me. I’ll be in training for the Edinburgh 5K race then! Xxx


Congratulations... have another G&T, you’ve earned it.

Tootsie60Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks!! Have done!!

UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to Tootsie60

And another! 😂😂😂

Congratulations Tootsie60 (love the name) fantastic achievement 👏👏👏Know what you mean about running in the dark. Part of my run is past the cemetery, there’s no lighting but you can hear the eerie silence briefly interrupted by SM lol, usually makes me jump!! Enjoy your celebrationry G&T it’s well desert🥇🎓👏👏

Tootsie60Graduate in reply to Oldlady57

Thanks very much! yes scary stuff - I run past the church with the cemetery also no likey!

Oldlady57 in reply to Tootsie60

🤣🤣l go from 🐌 to 🐢 🤣🤣


Massive congratulations Tootsie! 😀😀😀 Huge well done to you Graduate. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🏆🎓❤️

Tootsie60Graduate in reply to Fabulous450

Thank you so much - feels great!!

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