Just got home and burst into tears - I've done it! Whooooo ooo oooo

It's just hit me - I've done week 9 r3 and it feels totally unreal. Me - running for 30 minutes without stopping. I've just roughly mapped my run and I managed about 4.68k - so in a couple of weeks I might try one of those park runs.

Right now time for a shower and then I'm off to meet my running buddy who did her graduation run this morning too. We'll be dancing in the streets.

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  • You will run in the park, parkbirdy! Congratulations on a brilliant run.

  • Absolutely brilliant Parkbirdy! Congratulations to you and your running buddy - I foresee a lot of celebrating going on today and why not, you deserve it!! Its a great feeling to have come so far and realise what you have achieved; a very emotional moment indeed!

    Enjoy your day, go get your shiny green badge and welcome to the Grad Club!! Sue x

  • Fantastic - well done, parkbirdy! Enjoy your day and go get that graduate badge :D

  • Well done you, what a fantastic achievement!

  • Well done, what a fabulous way to end the year - it does feel unreal doesn't it?

    No one can ever take this achievement from you... now go build on it whichever way you want, that's the beauty of it.

  • Aw - virtual big hug or should it be virtual big hug! .Well done you.

  • Meant big virtual hug!

  • thanks everyone - now it's the battle to run the full 5k and whittle away those pesky minutes to get it under 30 mins. I've got a feeling that could take me a good month - will try to do a park run before the end of january in the best time I can manage.

  • Well done! Brilliant :)

  • Well done! Brilliant :)

  • CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATE!!!!!!! :-) What an awesome way to welcome in the New Year!!!!! I say go for it! Just do a Parkrun! :-) The week of my graduation, I ran in an organized 5K. I'm still not near a 30 min./5K but it was an experience worth doing!!! Have a great time celebrating and congratulations to your running buddy as well!!!! Gayle

  • Congratulations, park!! Oh, what a wonderful achievement for you and for your running buddy!! You have so very much to be proud of and I hope that the smile on your face is HUGE!! You absolutely deserve to celebrate and enjoy your accomplishment!!

    The parkrun is a marvelous idea!! You are very close to the 5K distance and you are definitely ready!! Go for it!!

    Now, I think that it is about time for you to request that gorgeous "Graduate" badge!! You have most certainly earned it!!

    Keep Running!! ;-)


  • Congratulations! I can't wait for that feeling you have described but I know I still have a lot of work to do yet. Thanks for the inspiration and keep running" :)

  • Well done parkbirdy welcome to the graduate club.

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