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Me vs Man Hole Cover - I Won!!!

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My first run in proper rain. All was going well - my Brooks Vapor 3's were sticking to the wet pavement like you know what to a blanket.

Then - suddenly - my right foot came down on a metal man hole cover and WOOOSSSSHHHH - my right leg flew out backwards from underneath me like Anton Du Beke dancing a reverse Tango.

I found myself hopping on my left leg like a demented stork, trying to stay upright. My right arm was "windmilling" like Pete Townsend playing guitar.

I managed to get my right leg back in play and found myself lurching forward - head and neck outstretched, arms flapping by my sides - you'd have thought I was a duck trying to take off! A bemused dog walker [and the dog] looked on as I careered past them.

Slowly I managed to regain control of my wayward limbs and got back into my pace - my heart was pounding like a drum roll. Eventually I continued gracefully on my way - like Dell Boy when he regained his composure after falling through the bar in Only Fools and Horses [mange tout Rodney, mange tout].

I'm pretty good at spotting and dodging - leaves, sticks, dog poop, swan poop, banana skins and the like. I've now added man hole covers to my list of things that could bring me down!

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Well saved!

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Absolutely! Avoid metal gratings like the plague. Wooden decking and those fishing platform jobs too.

Well handled. 💪👍😃

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Nice balance you got there! Well done.

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Well done on the victory! Can I just commend you also on your sprinkling of British cultural references in your write-up? Nice!

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DorsetRunnerGraduate in reply to icklegui

You are so kind!

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