Just starting out...complete beginner

Have downloaded podcasts and have completed first run of week 1. Heatwave perhaps not best time to start but it was cooler at 9pm when I went out and planning to get out at 6:15am tomorrow. Just wondering if there's anyone else is just starting out too.

I'm a complete beginner and have always believed that I can't run/am not built for running so hoping I'll prove myself wrong. Have never really done much exercise so really hoping this is something I can stick at.

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  • Hello!

    You completed the hardest step, and that's starting! I was in your shoes 7 weeks ago and now I'm running for 26 mins non stop.

    Trust the program and stick with slow and steady and that should see you right. The feeling of self achievement is amazing!

    Good luck in your journey and let us know how you get on!

  • I've just done first run of week 2 so know where you are coming from as my circumstances sound similar. Even after such a short time I feel physically better than I did but feel even better about taking control of my life rather than letting beer and peanuts do it. Good luck!

  • I'm a complete beginner too, trips to the gym have been a bit sporadic so I'm still repeating week1 until I feel my body can cope with anything more. Good for you for having the courage to run outside, definitely not brave enough to do that yet. Well done!

  • The programme is designed so that if you completed a week you *are* ready to move on. It would probably seem more achievable outside because your body sets the pace rather than your head setting a machine and you not being able to vary it so easily - running slowly seems to be the key for many of us who haven't exercised before C25K.

  • Just to add... I found Week 1 way harder to complete than any other week. It took me weeks to complete it. After I graduated I tried Week 1 again - guess what, still hard!

  • Well done for starting. I like you done very little exercise in the past and could not run more than a few feet without legs hurting and not being able to catch my breath. I am now on week 8 and running 28 minutes non stop. If you had told me that at the start I would not have believed you. Getting started is the hardest step as previous blogger has said. This forum is great as everyone is very supportive.

  • Well done ! You absolutely can do this. Follow the programme,take it slow and steady In a short time you will be amazed at how quickly your body will adapt. When I first started I was over weight and had low self esteem. My health was on a slippery slope and my confidence had hit rock bottom. I never truly thought that I could do this but as each week came and went my body adapted and my doubts in my abilities have slowly disappeared .You will get good days and bad,you're body can cope but your mind may try and tell you otherwise. I found that week six was a breakthrough for me in that I no longer let my negative thoughts distract me from my main goal. I have just finished week 7 and enjoyed my 25 min run. If I can do it ,you can too. The support on here is brilliant,keep posting your progress it really helps and good luck.

  • I am another one who really did nothing in the way of exercise. I am overweight. I have NEVER done any running. I am not on Week 4 and will be doing Run 2 tomorrow. I am amazed at myself that as I progress each week, my body is doing it!! it is hard at times, but the programmed is pitched so that it gets you through it (so far) I still do not believe I will be able to run for 30 mins non stop, but, I will continue onwards and see what happens. You have made the step, just keep going and progress through the podcasts. I have found early in the day or later in the evening is much more manageable in the current heat x

  • Hi :-) how did it go? I did week 1 for 2nd time this morning so know where you're coming from!

  • At the beginning of the programme I would also have said..."I'm a complete beginner and have always believed that I can't run/am not built for running so hoping I'll prove myself wrong. Have never really done much exercise so really hoping this is something I can stick at." I'm still not built for running but I run and I love it! Keep going and enjoy... one day maybe we'll both have the look that suits the activity ( I'm not holding my breath on that one for me :-) )

  • Thanks for taking the time to respond :) wow a graduate - congratulations! fingers crossed I'll get there too. Looking forward to feeling fitter. I've got two year old twins who keep me on my toes and fancy I'll need to be fitter to keep up with them!

  • Thanks everyone for responding and for the encouragement and support - just what I need!

    I did indeed get up at out by 6:15 and it was lovely. Cool-ish (by comparison), quiet and still. I did most of the first run around the garden - but even with a reasonable size patch i found that the turning every 10-15 paces was making one leg ache (reason for doing it was i was too embarrassed to go 'out in public'). However I did the last bit going up the drive then along the lane (live in a rural-ish spot). The second run I went straight out! (not many people round at that time anyway). I find the mp3 player great as I can't hear my heavy puffing - not so great trying to listen for cars/vans/tractors on the lane tho :-/

    Planning an early one tomorrow too - have 2 year old twins so all depends on them being settled and husband being happy for me to sneak out early. Will let you know how it goes...

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