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Starting c25k tomorrow anyone else?!

Hi all

This forum is great! I am brand new to this running lark but am going to start c25k this week. We return from holiday today so tomorrow morning I'm out there! Did a 'practice' go before I left and really enjoyed it.

Anyone else out there starting week 1 this week??! Would love to encourage each other I've not run since school and seems a dream that I may be able to run 5k!

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I'm not starting tomorrow, on wk5 now; but I just wanted to welcome you to the club X


Not starting but here, like many others, to support and encourage! Good luck tomorrow - take it steady and you will be fine!☺


Hi, It's great you seem very enthusiastic, but remember to just start off slow & steady, there's no need for speed, and you only need to be able to run for 30 mins by the end of the programme, it doesn't matter about the 5k distance, that will come, you may or may not reach that by the end, depends how fit you are..good luck!😊


Oh yes not intending to be speedy, my practice 'run' was more of a quick walk but the heart rate was up. Thanks all 😊


I am just starting week 3 but you may catch me up as every now and again I have to re-do a run due to an unexpected gap. Good luck - you'll be fine.

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