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Fear of Five


Well, I've progressed well so far in the programme. Finished W4 yesterday but seriously crapping myself for W5. The 20 minute run is actually scaring me half to death as I'm done for by the time I've finished 5 minutes of running in week 4.

Need advice please, don't want this to beat me. Slow and steady and a lot of self talk is the only thing I have right now. 20 minutes can't beat me no, no, no argh!!!!!

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Take it steady and see how you go on runs 1 and 2. If you feel overwhelmed then go back and repeat week 4; if feeling overwhelmed already then make the decision now to repeat week 4. Best of luck and keep us posted x


Cover of hitchhikers guide to the galaxy springs to mind... don’t panic.

You’ll get to 2 8s... that’s not a big jump... you’re not fearing that.

In between those 8s are 5 minutes of brisk walking... that’s walking that raises the heart rate... so that’s 21 minutes of heart rate up... that 20... it’s just 20... no brisk walking in it... slow and steady in the run and you got it... and you’ll be so proud. Stop the fear... believe in yourself.


Take the run slow & steady. You can seriously do this. If you start to tire slow down.


Try this healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

You can do this........ slowly.


Hey Rooster, stay positive! Know it's been said a million times but everything you've done on the runs is to equip you for this and you can do it!

I'm actually way back on starting week two, but I did manage this run a couple of years ago on my last ct5k attempt. Just take it very slowly whatever pace you normally start at dial it down a notch and you will get into a rhythm. Don't think about the time, just think you're doing your normal run and even imagine at times you've already had the breaks!

Enjoy it the feeling of completing it is amazing! If you feel your breathing or legs going slow it down again and you will recover whilst you are still running. Best of luck, it's a massive milestone but once you get past it don't make the same mistake as I did thinking the following week would be easier. Keep pacing yourself I all the runs and you'll do great!

Amazing, after just a few minutes of posting last night I received supportive and encouraging advice. I felt so enthused reading all your messages that this morning that I got out there at 6.30amand smashed W5R1. Three 5 minute runs were just about bearable, I kept adding markers to pass on my journey, that tree, that for sale sign, that cat... No, no cat stop walking away!

In the back of my mind - keep slow and steady and take deep breaths, all your helpful advice got me through this this morning. The next run is 8 minutes so I will have to stretch my focus for a further 3 minutes but will keep pace and breathing at the forefront. The 20 minute run seems doable by a whisker this morning and I'm going to see how I go on Friday for it or else repeat W4.

Amazing people on here, taking your time to post, this 45 year old overweight by 2 stone lady is very grateful. 😁

RC13Graduate in reply to Rooster678

I've just done the W5 R1 and walking home I had the same fears and thoughts about R3 of this week. I thought I'd log onto here to see whether there were any words of advice and read your post. The advice is so uplifting and is good to hear we all share the same concerns. Good luck for R2 and R3. Let's smash it!!!

Rooster678 in reply to RC13

Well done RC13, feel so good to start Sunday like this. Good luck to you for R2 and R3 this week too. Keep posting, I'll be interested to see how you get on.


Thank you!

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