Bye Bye week 5 HELLO week 6!

Well i only went and did it! 20 mins yes me, how good do i feel now?

Ran the same way as Thursday(no hill) and kept going and going and going.

It was hard, when Laura said you had run 15 minutes i thought she would have said 16, as that was the time for the last run, but on I went. Two minutes to go she said, TWO minutes I thought, then remembered I had completed 18 I was not going to let 2 minutes beat me, I know I was getting slower and expected a one minute left anouncement but no the next time she spoke i had done it. WOW me 20 minutes!.

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  • woo hoo congrtulations on achieving the 20mins. :) Bet you are smiling all day

  • I sure will be :)

  • Well done! It feels great when it's over doesn't it?

  • icandothis, of course you can, well done. I found that run one of the hardest it was quite a big jump. Good luck for next week.

  • Well done, really interested to hear how you did on the 20 minute run as it is my next run. I am thinking of repeating the two 8 minutes as I am not sure I feel ready to tackle 20 mins. Congratulations you are brave.

  • Well done :) I still smile when I think about how I felt the day I did it :)

    Mrs Lazy, your mind thinks you can't do it but your body is fully capable. I'll keep a look out for your blog to say its done ;)

  • Congrats! I also completed this 20 min run earlier. I must admit I thought I wasn't going to make it but I kept telling myself I could do it and failure wasn't an option. I am very proud of myself - 5 weeks ago I struggled to run for 1 minute!

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