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W1 R1 Shin Pain :-(

I've just got back from run 1. It wasn't the run that got me - I'm not out of breath at all. It's my shins. The whole way I had the most incredible sharp pain down both my shins which even now I'm home is still there. It started after even the "brisk walk" and just got worse and worse to the point that I had to stop and sit on the kerb for a bit!

I did try to run through it but to no avail. I had to give up and limp home and I feel incredibly defeated.

I did try to go to a running shop at the weekend to have a gait analysis but the shop was shut.

I'm not sure I want to run again until I can do something to stop this pain from happening again.

Any advise or suggestions?


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Hi there! There is lots of advice on here for aches and pains. Try checking them out. I put ice packs on my legs (although it was calves for me!) I do think you should go back for gait analysis. My new trainers have been brilliant and have corrected my pronating feet! Another thing I mentioned in another blog is that the man in the trainer shop recommended after your post run shower, to put the shower head on cold over the affected area for half a min. Good luck :)


i might try that with the shower after my run tonight


Hi Singingsister, I`m sorry to hear you had a bad start.

My left shin was really sore for about a week. I read a lot of advice on here and watched some youtube videos.

My son plays a lot of football and he reckons shinsplints need a bit of work to get them sorted.

On his recommendation I got myself a foam roller and it has been amazing.

Again see youtube for advice on how to use it.

I`m almost painfree :) and back on track (WK4 R2)

I run on grass now and have been to get my gait analysed.

Please don`t give up, I know it is demoralising but it does go away.

Good luck.


Look up bare foot running and bare foot running shoes. I was exactly same as you and it never went away until I got bare foot running shoes and now I cured !


I once walked the marathon distance and used to get sore shins on training walks. I read some excellent advice - really helped to warm up my shins and I use it now before runs and never get soreness: raise your leg (from sitting or standing position) and "draw" the alphabet in the air with your toes - the various rotations give your shins a good stretch. Repeat both sides of course. Hope this helps


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