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W1 R1 Did it - YAY!


Just this minute got back from first 'run'. Found it hard by middle session but kept thinking of all the posts telling me to start slowly. Burning sensation in airways became quite painful so next time I will take a bottle of water with me. I had already slowed for last 2 runs a few seconds before being told to walk again. The walks were more like strolls.

Really pleased I did it though. Took some getting out from cosy bed. Made the mistake of switching on as soon as I was outside and my first run ended up coming on the only uphill part! Will switch on when I get to railway next time.

Ran along old railway track, nice and level. Glorious sunshine, squirrels, rabbits, lambs - lovely. managed not to kick a tiny baby rabbit into oblivion when it dashed out only inches from my foot!

Going to ENJOY my shower now! Then lunch with my book club friends and feeling exhausted but good!

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Well done! :)

you've done the hardest part...getting out of the door! Well done.


Well done - sounds as though it went well, and you can enjoy lunch knowing that you're tired for good reason! ;)

The first few weeks, my 'brisk' walks were anything but. I was still moving - that had to be good enough! A few weeks later, though, I noticed that my brisk cooldown walk was faster than it had been. It's amazing how quickly you'll notice improvements, honestly. :)

The burning sensation in my lungs was the one thing I hated most when I began week one. However after taking some advise from my boyfriend to breath slowly in through the nose and out through the mouth, I found the burning sensation disappeared almost immediately!

BeekGraduate in reply to Sarah91

Thank you Sarah91 (and boyfriend) for this good advice. I applied it today and it certainly works! Have just had the briefest slightest hint of a well being feeling today but looking forward to the surges of energy I am hoping the programme will bring me. The milk after running seems to help with the achy thighs too.


Thank you Sarah91. I will give that a go on Saturday. The other thing I hate is the spitting! (Sorry if TMI) Good job I'm out of sight!

Ha yes a bottle of water is good for helping with that. I'm only on week 2 run one, run two tomorrow night! I really didn't think week one was for me, so began week two although I didn't quite feel ready (after doing week one for about 5 runs) but managed to complete it first go which I was very pleased about!

BeekGraduate in reply to Sarah91

I am amazed by this blog site and how many people are kind enough to spend the time to encourage each other. Restores one faith in humanity! Thank you one and all for the tremendous supporting replies. it does make all the difference!

Thank you so much! Good luck to all of you!

Well done you, Im on WK1 R2 just done this morning, a bit slower but finished it, keep going we can do this!!!


Great start well done. Sounds like you've found a nice place to run.

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