You are my inspiration and my driver

I'm having an extra day off, but that doesn't mean I'm not thinking about running. I've been reading some blogs on here and something that struck me is that without this community, without all of you, I might have given up. I certainly wouldn't have tried running in the rain (let's face it, almost impossible to avoid in the UK, especially this year).

I just read a post that made me realise what I wuss I'd be if left to my own devices. I'm glad I'm not alone. I'm glad there are people to inspire me, to drive me to do better and to always try my hardest. You are my collective conscience. Thank you.

That's all :-)


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15 Replies

  • Same here. I really don't know how far I'd have got if it hadn't been for the community here.

    I think we're all wonderful :-)

  • agreed! :-D

  • Like!

  • I must admit, I'm now on week 5 and was beginning to lose motivation. Now that I've discovered this community, and having read a few posts and received comments, I can't wait for my run tomorrow! So I completely agree, so glad to have found this little corner of the internet so full of positivity and inspiration! :)

  • have a fab run tomorrow, I might join you (was really hankering after a run today, but had promised to stay in for a parcel as it was a rest day, boo hoo)

  • Hear hear! I'm almost sure I would have given up the whole plan the first time I 'failed' a run in week 5 if it wasn't for the wonderful support of the people here. I love you all!

  • you used the 'f' word Pelephant, I'm telling! And you didn't 'f....' you just decided to do it another day ;-)

  • I think its amazing that so many only seem to come across this site by chance and after a good few weeks into the programme. I'm thinking its because they got the podcasts from itunes initially and not from the NHS site.....?

    I have found it invaluable from day one and would also like to thank everyone here for keeping me going through to my now 8th week - I doubt I would still be here otherwise! We are all wonderful Mitts, you are right!!

  • I've been recommending the podcasts AND the site to everyone and anyone. I found the NHS site first (following a google search for running, etc), but I didn't really notice it. I was just scooting around looking for running related stuff when I found it.

    I think you a right, people stumble across it by accident, which is a shame. I've told the sisters/nurses at my doctors surgery, they are all clued up to recommend the programme and the community to patients now :-)

  • Hear, hear, vixiej! This is a fantastic forum, it's like having lots of family, friends, personal trainers cheering us on and offering endless encouragement and advice! What's that saying about the collective whole being stronger than all the individuals added together ...... Or something like that!

  • goodness, does that make us like the Borg? (closet geek alert!)

  • Same here, great community and very supportive.

  • I think it calls for a celebration. Looks like pimms o'clock to me :-)

  • I agree totally vixiej! I love and adore the lot of you, I would not have gotten anywhere without you ESPECIALLY those of you who make me laugh and smile -- I even check this site out BEFORE reading the papers!

  • I totally agree too. It's great to read about everyones experiances good and bad. Everyone is so supportive and inspiring.

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