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Week 1 R3

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I am a 60 year old female 5ft 2 and I weigh 9st 8lb. Just decided to try to get fit and start running. I feel very envious when I see people out jogging and thought I would never be able to do that because I’m too old and unfit to start. I used to play golf but for the last 10 years I have been very inactive. Wk1r1 was difficult as I was so out of breath and my feet and ankles were very sore. I managed 3 of the runs. I decided to try it again 2days later and this time I was still very sore but I managed 5 of the runs. Today My ankles are much bettter but I’m very breathless so just 4 runs. Needless to say it might take me 2 weeks to complete week 1 but I’m not giving up.

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Hi, welcome.

Can you run any slower? That’s a big key to this programme, especially in the early weeks. You’re doing great... keep trying, every second you run makes you a little stronger... you can do this and you will get there soon.

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Welcome... please check this post out. Full of great advice.. tried and tested...:)


There are a fair few, seasoned runners here.. I am 68 :) So.. lots of support... from similar runners... but loads of support anyway, from everyone on here.

Slow and steady is the mantra.. relax and enjoy... and do keep posting too :) We all run together.. whatever stage we are at:)

Well done you!

Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

Do check out the guide linked to by Oldfloss.

Enjoy your journey.

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It takes as long as it takes and as many "practices" as you need. Lots of folk don't complete in 9 weeks but it's not anything to worry about. There are posts galore from those who have had problems. The really great thing is you've started. Don't be put off thinking you're not good enough. Check out the link from oldfloss and ask the forum for help if you need to. You've tried 3 times which shows you have the desire, so keep going. You'll hear it time after time, slow down. There is no too slow.

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Dmc165 in reply to sparkyjohn

Thank you. That is really encouraging. I’m looking forward to sharing my progress.

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You are fabulous, lady! As long as you're getting off the couch, you're winning xxxx

Take it steady. Slow and steady wins the race. Sort of!

You are setting things in motion and have made the right choice.

Have you got decent running trainers?

Try wearing all the right clothing. You can get it fairly cheap these days

Do you take supplements? That can also help longer term.

Don’t forget your body is adjusting and muscles growing so you will get aches and pains but they should subside.

Yes I have decent running trainers and I’m reading lots about starting running. I won’t give up, its interesting to see how my fitness improves, especially when it’s expected that people deteriorate as they age.

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As everyone else said go as slow as you can, then slow down some more and even more if you need to! You can do this, just take your time and allow your body to get used to the exercise. Oh, and enjoy it too, whatever you do, it's better than sitting on the sofa.

Good luck with the rest of the program and keep us posted 🏃🏃🏃😀👍

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