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W3R1 - don't make it easy on yourself

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Had a busy weekend, averaging 20k+ steps a day. Bearing in mind my normal daily effort is less than 3k. Todays plan was to walk up a local beauty spot thinking I could then run back down again. Well holy moly the walk up nearly killed me! I had to stop twice on the way up. ⛰⛰⛰

Started my c25k app at the top, 5min warm ✔ 90 second run just as I got to another mountain. Ok a small incline... I couldn't finish the run 🙁 Recovery walk ✔ then for the biggy, 3 minutes of running. By now I'm on the flat and heading for the down hill ✔

From here on in it goes swimmingly. When the lovely Sarah Milligan said I know your tired and may want to stop I found myself saying no I'm fine. Now that's progress 👍👍👍

Legs are feeling leaden so may give myself an extra rest day. 😊

6 Replies
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Sounds like your recovery time is improving. Good job getting to grips with a downhill, they’re not as easy as they look. Give your legs some pampering and enjoy the rest... then onwards.

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JogunlikelyGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks x I actually like going down hill, even hill walking in the lakes I would scamper down much faster than everyone else but always the one at the back, huffing and puffing on the way up 😂

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rest and regroup... slow and steady does it:)

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Well done. I did W3R1 tonight in light drizzle, rubbish when you wear specks, someone needs to invent windscreen wipers. I found today ok, hard to run 3 mins non stop but with Sarah telling me i could do, i did. Todays session felt nice and short, and i turned back way before my normal turn around point (i aint complaining ;-)) Role on Wednesday

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JogunlikelyGraduate in reply to SOULY47

Well done Souly47 on your run too. I was a little disappointed to see the km was less than last week but then realised was several minutes shorter. No wonder it whizzed by!

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Well done! And that with busy weekend and hills 😬😬 👏👏You’ve earned that well deserved rest!

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