Please don't make me move on

As many of you know, I am running with a wonderful group of new runners in my running club that I joined after graduation. We run 4-5k and combine it with strength training and intervals. I have grown very fond of the group and what we do, but now the trainer tells me to start considering moving up to the next group. They are called "Run for Fun" (sounds reassuring), they run 6-7k a bit faster than my normal pace, but I could probably manage...

Now, I'm flattered and happy that my trainer thinks I am doing well, but I really don't want to 'break up' with my wonderful group of fellow snails and tortoises 😒

I'm being boring and conservative, I know, but...


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  • Iben enjoy doing what you want to do if you like it in your group stick to it , it has to be fun !!! Sounds like you have a nice group there xx

  • I have a very nice group there, but not sure how long they will let me stick around. I think the club's policy is, that you move up if/when you're ready, so that the beginners group stays a group for people who are actually beginners, who need to have walking breaks, who huff and puff and feel like snails and tortoises! They don't want hares and panthers to ruin the feeling they have. I can totally understand that... That is one of the reason why I love it so much. I'll talk to my trainer about it.

  • How often do you run with them? Could you 'straddle' both groups for a while, so you get some sort of transition?

  • We run twice a week, and that is a very good idea McFitty. I'll ask!

  • Can you run with both?

  • As a transition, I'm sure I can. Maybe the Run for Fun group is just as great when I get to know them...

  • I was thinking the same as McFitty & Kate, if you run more than once a week could you do one run with the big boys and girls and one with your friendly group? How lovely that you enjoy it so much, Iben. :)

  • I think it is a great idea and I'm sure it will be okay as a transition. I'll ask. The Run for Fun group could be a friendly bunch too.... Must give them a chance at least.

  • Do you even have/need to "move on"??? One thing I have seen clearly in the running world - is that it is "mostly" aimed at either racing or running as fast as you can!!!! Recreational running is something that seems to hold little interest to most - and if it does, it is something that they do quietly and alone. Do a Google search on "recreational running" - and see how "big" it is!! :) Being a bit facetious there. :)

    I think we all have to eventually decide why we run - I would be willing to bet that for the majority here , it is for health and recreation - but the prevailing culture that surrounds this is race and pace based!! No pain - no Gain! Compete against yourself! Be the best that you can be!!! Keep your motivation going by training for races!! etc, etc....

  • I think the club's policy is that the beginners' group is for beginners or people who are injured, because if there is a hare amongst the snails and tortoises, it ruins the fun for the real beginners who need walking breaks and who huff and puff🐌🐒

    But the 6-7k people don't seem to be very competitive and they might be just right for me. I'll have to give them a chance. I don't feel like one of them yet, but it might just be a matter of giving it a chance.

    I have not attended any races yet, and when I do, I'm sure I'll be there for the event, not to win, except maybe to win over myself. It is a buzz for me to see limitations, I thought I had, disappearing.

  • I have joined a running club and defiantly am the weakest link. But part of the fun of it is that they make me push myself.

  • Yes, that really is part of the fun. I love a challenge. But it must be a challenge that is not over the top... But as my sister said "just try it, what is the worst thing that can happen?" She's right!

  • Iben.. stay where you are... :) You are so, enjoying it... why change if you don't have to.

    If it is a compulsory change, see if you can do a bit of both maybe? I am sure if you have a word with the instructor and explain your feelings, they will be able to sort things for you.Otherwise, you will have to start your own small happy running , no pressure group! :)

  • I'm pretty sure you are right. They are all so accommodating and we will surely find a solution that works for all. Thanks for giving me feedback.❀

  • Can you alternate or manage both?

    It depends whether you want the fun and social side or more challenge.

  • I'll try to alternate for a while. I think it will be perfectly all right. And some of the other beginners will probably soon have to join me!

  • If they use that group for beginners, have you asked how many of your group will be moving ion with you or just about to move, if others are staying put I don't see how they could make you move and if they are going with you then you will all have the same concerns together and will all grow as a group. Have a chat with the rest of the group and see how they view it.

  • Ah great minds RFC - I was just going to come back and say that others in the group will probably soon be joining you anyway!

  • Make that 3 of us!

  • I like your thinking, RFC 😊 I'll convince people to move on with me. Great plan!

  • If you don't have to move groups see if you can stay where you are for a while longer but if you do move to the other group surely your old friends will move up soon too to join you? Plus you might also enjoy the new group if you do have to move! :) :)

  • I think you are right about both - some of the people in my present group might join me soon, and the new group's probably really nice people too.

  • Hi Iben, sounds good to move up toward 7km once a week, maybe some of your fellow runners would move up with you. That's what I aim for when out with my group on Sunday..😊

  • And I am aiming for 10k to be part of my weekly routine - meaning I have to move on from 4-5k... I will have to join the new group sooner or later, perhaps I will wait until a couple of them are ready to move with me...

  • What I have found in my life is if I have to change something because someone else wants me to change but I really don't, none of us ends up happy with the result. It's hard to walk away from a club or group you are used to that nice feeling of belonging in, but when a "condition" is put on your inclusion that does not sit well with you there is little choice between remaining unhappily for a while or moving on before the unhappiness makes your leaving even harder. Alternatively, if there are enough of you who feel the same way, maybe a change in the rules can be negotiated. It's a shame you are in this position, groups can be very complex and sometimes the sacrifice of ones individuality is the price needed to remain in them. I am not a fan of "organised leisure" personally, prefer to muddle through things on my own and make my own mistakes and enjoyment. Maybe less fun at times, but also less hassle πŸ™‚

  • I actually thought that I was a solitary runner until I joined my running club. They turned me over totally. I simply get so much energy out of being together with them. I am never going back. I still do a solitary run once in a while and quite like it, but I prefer my running group.

    But you are right - there are complicated group dynamics to take into consideration every time we are together - for some reason I don't mind. I sort of like that too, don't really think of it as a hassle...

    I think I'll have to move up to the next group - get to know them, maybe convince some of my current group members to try it out with me - and we'll see what happens.

    Yesterday I was really sad about having to leave the group, now after listening to all the suggestions from the lovely people in here, I have decided to just give it a go Saturday and see what happens. If I can't keep up or think they are boring/too competitive/not friendly - I'll go back and ask the trainer if I can stay a bit longer and then I will take it from there...

  • I recently volunteered for tail runner at Parkrun and quickly coined the phrase, "the back of the pack is where it's at" 😊 Many reasons folks have for being with the tortoises at the back but it was fun! I loved it 😊 I recall that Juicy Ju, our resident panther, has said she's had fun at the back of the pack in a marathon. It's all running at the end of the day and as long as you're enjoying it then no worries. The faster group could be fun too. I would have to try it out of sheer curiosity ☺

  • I will too. After listening to you lot, I have decided to just give it a go. The club's long distance runners (the Juicy Jus of my club) seem like a really nice group of people and if I ever want to become one of them, I can't stay in the beginners' group :-)

  • Move on to the new group and run with the current one during rest days... XP

    Jokes aside, you do not have to stop all contacts with the old group and your graduation to the next level could be stimulating for you and inspiring for them. ;)

  • Sensible chap, as ever Secan... good to see you x Hope all sort of okay... x

  • Yep, "sort of" is spot on; there hasn't been any fundamental change in my situation but I am living it with a much more positive attitude, that is what really counts. ;)

    On the running front, I am gradually re-building my physical and mental stamina after the long stop and this morning I ran (very slowly) a full 25-min before the knee began to hurt again. Not my greatest run but I'm happy with that, considering it was only the third post-IC run, it was after a sleepless night (too hot to sleep) and at 7am the temperature in the rare shady spots was 27C ( !!! ).

    Next steps:

    1. Reach the 30-min threshold

    2. Reach the 5km threshold

    3. Win the London marathon :D

  • Good to hear your positive response :) I think I will enjoy actually knowing the winner of the London Marathon:)

    Your knee does seem to be improving too... good news. The heat and running.. whew...that is hot, Secan.

    I had to take an amble back to the tin tent, on on my Tuesday run as it was 23 !!! I have been getting up very early, but it really does sap the strength. I am doing some Bridge to 10 K podcasts and fortunately, they incorporate walk/runs... I just walked a bit more than I should have :)

    Carry on as you are... positivity is the thing.. easy said and harder to maintain..but you are doing it :) Big Hug x

  • You're right - I will give it a go :-)

    Great to see you Saverio. I guess from your reply to Oldfloss that you are still in Italy with your family. Wish I could leave this freezing cold country behind and join you there (or Oldfloss in France). I am sick of rain in what is supposed to be the summer.

    Glad you are up and running - and when you win the London Marathon, I'll be there waving pom-poms!

  • Yes, I'm still in Italy with my family and today I escorted my mother for her W1R1... ;)

    The toughest part for her was understanding the instructions delivered in Sarah Millican's strong accent. :D

  • I have thought of trying to convince my mother to do C25K too. I'm not sure she will listen to me though...

    Who is Sarah Millican? I only met Laura.

  • Well, I have a young mother (57-yo), keen to try new things; it didn't take too much persuasion. ;)

    Sarah Millican is a British stand-up comedian who lent her voice for the new version of the C25K app. But I now have downloaded on her mobile the "old" podcasts, with Laura.

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