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Please help me!!!


Hello... i did my week one first run and found it challenging... i feel ashamed as i am 35 years old and weigh 72kgs and i can’t run!!! I have never run in the past, never did a proper PE is school, running was not a part in our days and now when ever i try to run, i het so breathless and feel like i’m goin to pass out... i need to loose two stones by december, i have started weight watcher and i just hope that i would be able to finish the plan unlike all others which i kust couldn’t... makes me sad!

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Hi, it sounds rather like you’re taking it all too fast. Read similar posts to yours on here, and you’ll see pretty much all the replies feature snails and watching them zoom past you. There is no such thing as too slow. Really. 🐌🐌🐌🐌

If you completed W1R1, fabulous - move on to R2 sloooower, but if you didn’t quite make it, have another bash. You’ll be fine if you embrace your inner snail! 🐌🐌😀😀


Challenging is how you want it... if this was easy you wouldn’t be able to walk down the street without being trampled by a herd of runners. Challenging it may have been, but the challenger won. Great job, you can do this.

Nothing to be ashamed of for starters. You’re out there trying which is something to be proud of!

Hey, well done!

Expect good days and bad days. Days you don’t want to exercise and have to push yourself out the door. If you miss a day or days -just pick up again.

Keep us all posted.

See you around fellow runner! Pam.

Thank you everyone for your encouragement.. xx


But you did it - yes it was challenging but you did it. You've done 1 you can do 2.

Age/weight doesn't matter just believe it - a lot of the time we sabotage ourselves with negative thoughts.

Next time go slower and if it's still hard go slower still - the run sections don't have to be fast - you're training your body to do this and slow and steady wins everytime😊

Best of luck for run2 - trust me you got this x

Hi, it sounds like you're running too fast, remember it's just a light jog. This is my second time through c25k as I stopped running last year for a number of reasons but believe me you can do it. Slow down, listen to Laura, learn to breathe. You can do this, trust us.

Sk2018 in reply to sprior1961

I can never work out what speed to keep... today i kept 5.5 for walk and 7 for jog

HillsEverywhereGraduate in reply to Sk2018

Wow, you're much faster than I am – I run outside and barely cover 2k in 30 minutes, including warm up and cool down (that's 4 kph, even with running intervals - erm, slow jogs). There's some margin for slowing down here ;)

For what it's worth, I'm about the same age and weight as you are, have never really exercised before and hated PE with all my soul at school. And yet, I'm ready to take on week 4. So, if I can do it... you can too ! And better than that, you already did when you smashed that first run, no matter how difficult it was – what a huge achievement ! You've got this 😊

GoforitmamaGraduate in reply to Sk2018

Treadmills vary so much. I walk at 4.1 and run at 6.1 on a good day. But those settings may not be equal to the treadmill you use.

The first weeks are hard, slow down and stick with it.


Weight Watchers will be the main key to your weight loss, the running will help. Have faith, you can do this. You are going to completely nail it!

When I started running I used to try running like a racehorse, I would get out of breath so quickly. When I realized that I was supposed to be going for a jog or a trot it felt like a light bulb switching on. So maybe take a peek in the mirror and confirm that you are not a racehorse either, next time take it slow and steady. You can do this running lark too. You are going to nail weight watchers and running. Good luck! Have faith!

Every run is a challenge, I’m about to start W4 and each stage fills me with dread ... but I manage it ... just! That’s how it’s designed to be. I’m 55 and unfit, I’ve never run and haven’t properly exercised for 30+ years. Maybe slow the jogs down to the slowest possible and try to control your breathing. I was hoping it would start to feel easier but as the intensity increases each week, I’m resigned to at least 9 weeks of struggle. It’ll be worth it, even though I’ll be no where near 5km by W9. Slow down, relax, breathe and plod on. 🏆🏃🏻‍♀️👍🏻


Have you read the guide to the programme?

It's really important to keep it as slow as you can. It will be hard... it's all new to your body, but every session you complete gets you a step closer to your goal.

You can do this. Believe it and you'll make it. Don't get hung up on speeds and numbers, just ease up when you need to to get through.

You've made a great decision and your body will thank you...a little further down the line 👍😉

I'm 55 and was getting out of breath walking up the stairs! I'm only starting week 3 and feel so much better already... and I've list about 5lb in the process. I ached like mad and could barely walk after my first run but forced myself to push on. Believe me, if I can do it you certainly can. Don't give up...


Sk! You already have everything you need to complete this. A body that can move. Maybe it is not in perfect shape yet, maybe it doesn’t know how to do what you have decided to do yet and maybe you’ve not done anything even remotely like this before. But.....there are lots of us on here with similar stories to tell and you’re in the right place to be reminded that it really is possible.

So, I’m 49, never ran cross country at school or anywhere else a firmly certified “can’t runner”. And not even a “can’t runner who admired runners before” and I still have 2 stone to lose 🤣. But, I’m also a very very happy graduate runner!

You can trust that this programme will be life changing for you. Please take this just one run at a time. You need to forget about speed and just aim to be as slow as you can be. That’s what builds up your stamina. Sloooow!! 🎯 🐌🎯🐌

It’s a little bit scary wondering whether you can do it, but it’s a whole lot brilliant when you realise you can... and you can!! I had a brilliant time laughing at myself quite a lot, as I thought it was a ridiculous thing to think I was going to do, but I just took it one day at a time. And it just kept getting better and better! Breath, relax, laugh and make it fun! You can do it! ❤️

When i was writing my post i never thought i will get so many replies with so much encouragement and motivations... i am so grateful to all of you and am now looking forward to my second run.... i guess i will learn with trial n error....

To keep myself on track i will review each run here so i dnt give myself any excuse to miss further down the line...

Once again, thank you everyone!!!! X

Wow... i just did my W1R2 and as per your advice i tweaked the speeds so i did brisk walk n ‘light jog’ and oh boy now i know what you all meant by it... it wasnt too easy but i can see myself to be able to build it up every week... i did 5 speed walk and light jog on 6... kind of looking forward to my 3rd run now! 😀

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