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Please help me with cramp!

It is driving me crazy! I keep getting cramp!!!!!! It is the most painful thing ever! If I have been for a run within the last two days that seems to increase the chance of me getting it. If I run on fresh legs (two/three days post a run) then it does not happen. Sometimes though I can run on consecutive days and not get it and have done loads of mileage in a week and not get it.

I did parkrun on Saturday and it was a full out effort after battling back from a cold. I had a busy day with work yesterday. I just went out for a run it was all going fine and then aaarrrrgh....serious spasms and it takes a good 15 - 20 minutes for it to ease totally and by then I was just fed up with it and walked home.

I have properly fitted shoes. I am at a loss and it is annoying me!

Has anyone got any advice.

Thank you x

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If you don't already - try eating a banana a day.

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or if you don't like the banana, get some magnesium to supplement your food.

cramps are often caused by an electrolytic misbalance, and often Mg is the missing substance.


Sometimes cramp is caused by dehydration. Maybe try drinking some sports drinks, they contain all the things your body needs to prevent it, I believe! xx

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I agree it sounds like you have an imbalance going on somewhere. Some people get it through lack of salt, especially if your sweating more on more taxing runs. If you can't get to the bottom have a little word with your gp.


I got cramp but after runs, usually when I was in bed! I put mine down to just being new to running and my legs were just getting used to the increased level of exertion. I have a healthy diet so ruled out a deficiency. It cleared up though and I don't get it now

I hope you can get it sorted out. PS I eat a banana a day


It's true good hydration and a balanced level of magnesium is important, but sometimes the body needs zinc to help with the absorption of Mg in to the blood stream. I tried 'bio-magnesium' after consulting a sports medic - i just took it for a month and that got me back on track.

Might also be worth considering if your shoes fit properly - i.e. size of fit, thickness of socks as well as how tightly they are laced.

And finally . . .

Think about stretching out properly before and after a run - look for stretched that work on the muscle that you are getting cramp in.

Hope that helps.


Thank you all. I don't think it is my shoes. They were properly fitted. I have found that the thickness of my socks can be a factor so I go for a thinner type now. I don't think it is hydration. I don't eat a banana a day and while I have a good and varied diet I don't often remember to take vitamins etc. I am struggling to run this week but oddly ran on Monday (dreadful cramp) and then ran on Tuesday and while I did have a bit of cramp it did not stop me and did ease off. I did have some supplements and I did eat a banana as well! I will try and look at my diet and see if that helps. Thank you x x


Turns out it was poorly fitted running shoes. I had a gait analysis and everything. They told me I pronate but a further analysis proved this to be incorrect. Now I am all good. Cannot remember the last time I had cramp.


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