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Okay just finished my first 25 minute run, all going well, managed to set a good pace for myself, however on the run my tighs have started to rub together and cause me some serious irritation, I sometimes get it when I do exercise and it turns into a real nasty rash, which does hurt, my boxers kept riding up on my run, they just won’t stay down. please if anyone knows how to prevent this, I would seriously owe you one,as I fear if I can’t stop this my couch to 5k career will be over and I will be set back by a few weeks. PLEASE HELP

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If you wear Lycra running shorts it will solve the problem. Good luck

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Or Lycra running shorts under your shorts.

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Some those anti-rubbing shorts or tights??

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Think we’re looking at Lycra cycle short type under crackers my lovely 😬. Although I’m hoping you’re not asking ladies only!!! 😜

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Under crackers 😂

Maybe you need to swap the boxers for briefs or something that isn't long enough to reach your thighs.

Men have the same problem 😂... Vaseline works, but there's a few out there.

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What problem are we talking about here.... chapped chaps???

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I can't say what we call it on here 😂

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Body glide on anything that rubs.

What kind of tights/leggings? Are they meant to be worn commando? What sort of boxers, you'll need snug, moisture wicking ones or they'll just ball up. Pants may be better.

Check out Runderwear for supposedly non moving understand but buying something with a built in brief may be the best solution!

Sorry... I read "tights". Thighs... 100% you need BodyGlide 👍🏻

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Vintage61Graduate in reply to GoGo_JoJo

Thank goodness for you 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

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I wear a - and maybe this TMI lol - very scanty underpants and Lycra long pants.

So far no horses have been frightened, and no prob with friction.

I don't wear shorts + to "flappy" and sunburn on legs and zero protection in falls. I might be "faster" if I did, but I prefer comfort :)

Hope this helps and wishing you many happy miles in your future :)

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Yeah, BodyGlide is the answer.

Lycra - learn to love it and lose the boxers.

An anti perspirant deo stick rubbed on the skin apparently works! Or lycra style cycle shorts or underarmour shorts of some kind.

Hi. Not an expert on men’s running gear but I would agree with Lycra and going commando!

Also when I was cycling I found some fantastic cream called Udderly Smooth Chamois/Anti Chaffing Cream with Shea Butter. It’s is suitable for both men and women. It is meant for cyclist but i’m Sure it would be just as good for running.

Hope you get sorted soon.

Talcum powder is really useful at helping prevent the problem and also at helping cure it if you’re already suffering .

I was a member of a triathlon club once and rainbow66 has given you the answer triathletes would recommend. Commando and chamois cream.

Have you tried liquid talc? It goes on like a moisturiser but dries like talc, Asda sell it at just 97p a bottle ( in the baby isle)

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Buy some runderwear pants which are wicking and lycra longer shorts

You can actually get chafing balm that does the trick. Tends to be used for cyclists but works great for runners. You can get it from Boots (sanctuary) or you can get some from Amazon.

Hope this is useful!

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Normal pants (not cotton - try runderwear) and 2 in 1 shorts like these. I have the women’s version. Here’s the men’s:

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Sudacrem stops this if the shorts don't work.

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I shouldn’t smile at someone else’s pain or problem but genuinely you lovely people in this group are awesome. Such amazing advice and humour! Vintage61 love you!! Lycra is the way forward or anything that helps separate the skin and keep it that way. Don’t give up the running whatever you do!! You’ve got this far!!

Go commando....that’s what I do😂😂🥵

Providing that when you get changed and showered it doesn’t look like a 78 year old woman’s elbow....see comments above about runnderware.

Barrier cream buddy apply liberally to both thighs.

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Niksa 3 Pack Men Boxer Shorts...

Try those from amazon. Keeps you cool and doesn’t ride up.

Hi i had same problem so invested in some "comfyballs" lycra long leg underwear and no longer have the issue and regularly doing 15k plus runs.

Give then a try you will see the issue go away immediately.

GOOD LUCK with finding a solution.

Chriled 🏃‍♂️

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