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Please tell me it gets easier


Hi, I've never been on anything like this before but I was just wondering if and when this plan gets easier, it's only my second run of week one and I'm aching more than I thought I would, it was harder today than Monday and I thought it would get easier ha

I've been losing weight since last year a total of 2 stone so far but I feel I have another 2 to go, I signed up for the race for life as a way of getting fitter and also a family member has had cancer and my hope was to run the whole thing but after tonight's run I'm wondering if that will ever be possible!

Anyone else struggle like I am? I feel at 28 I should find this a lot easier ha

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Absolutely! You'll find plenty of people who struggle on here and a large proportion will tell you week 1 was the hardest. When I tried the programme before (just restarting this week) I found the running hard pretty much every time but the achy legs went away quite quickly. For me they were the worst bit (closely followed by stitch) so rest assured they will ease up. Yes, the running will be hard, that's what makes it such an achievement to get through each week and in turn what makes it worth it. What I will say though is that it is nowhere near as hard as you think it is going to be, you will always get through it eventually and it will be worth it, really worth it. Best of luck!


Oh bless you, if you have a little look at anyone's past blogs you'll see nearly all start off saying the same sort of thing.

I posted a near identical blog in my week 1, someone replied,

I can tell you that you will have better runs and some may even be worse but that's the nature of the programme. It challenges you and it's that challenge which gets you running for longer and longer.

Without a doubt though, it'll never ask you to do something it hasn't prepared you for.

Fair play to you for getting out there, it really is such a rewarding feeling as you see your progress. In as little as two or three weeks time you'll look back at what you found difficult this week and be amazed and delighted.

Do you know it was true, :-) I had good days and bad but I did it, this programme knows what its doing, trust it x

It was fingalo who said that, thanks fin x


I echo everything above and also want to add keep blogging and reading on this site, the support and advice is second to none and I know I wouldn't have carried on without it. You really can do this and you will be amazed at your progress. Whenever I felt a bit negative about the next run, I'd come on here and feel inspired. Good luck :)


It does get easier promise the only negative is its addictive ! The support you get on this site is fantastic ... Every morning whilst munching on my morning toast I'm on line checking out my C25k family! Good luck xxx


I started C25K in January having never run at all since hating it when we had to at school. I'd lost two stone by then on the 5:2 Diet and was feeling full of energy, but boy-oh-boy did I find running for a minute almost impossible and couldn't run the seventh and eighth one-minute runs. Yes, there were times when I struggled, like the first five minute run, but tell yourself you can do it, trust in Laura, and you will! Just keep those feet running, not too fast, and keep blogging. YOU CAN DO IT!

Linda (63)


As you look back you will see your achievement, which will spur you on. I always say if its easy its not worth doing. Often people find the third run of the week easier and I hope this is the case for you and will spur you on.

I used to always worry on each week how ever was I going to manage the next week and then the third run came and it was far more comfortable than the other two, then I thought ok maybe, and it was ok.

As everyone says trust the programme it's amazing. You will gain so much from this, I have changed as a person through this. I am more confident and tackle new things with a positive can do outlook. I never would have done so before.

Nest do luck x


Hi, it is such a fabulous programme, that in nine weeks roughly, you will look back and think, how did I do that?? !! Stick with the programme and you will do...never ever be disheartened with a dodgy run,come back and do it again a couple of days later. Don't do too much too soon and you will get there!! Hope you enjoy it as much as I have x


Ah thank you all so much, I feel much better now and am actually looking forward to tomorrow's run/stagger ha

I have a sore knee and a sore right shin but I've been putting an ice pack on a it feels much better now

Going shopping for new trainers tonight too, it's good to know I'm not the only one who has struggled


I felt the same at the beginning of the programme, so I did week 1 and 3 twice. Just go at your own pace, don't skip the cool down time and always stretch at the end of it. It will help a lot! :) The community here is fantastic - when I feel down and/or need advice, there are plenty of people ready to help thus I feel like I'm part of a great journey. I definitely caught the bug and I just can't believe it after years of inactivity and being really overweight. The podcasts were cleverly thought of and you can really trust the programme. Remember, you've done the probably hardest step - going outdoor to run! :-D


Stick with it. The challenges get harder week-by-week, but you will get better and better, so it all stays in balance. I started Week 1, and felt knackered after my first session. But by the end of week 2 it felt better, a lot better. The key is not to push it too hard. I have done that, and my knees are now reprimanding me. So I have stopped, resting the knees for a week, and will start again.

I see this as Couch to 5K, and it will take as long as it takes me. It won't be 9 weeks though.



The aching will eventually stop, I'm on week 5. Trust the program, listen to Laura and keep blogging and reading here :). You can do it, even if sometimes it doesn't feel like you can.


Your body is just getting used to your new activity and you might find that as you lose the aches and pains in your calves or shins that they start working up into strange new places, like your hips (did for me anyway!) Its all normal, and providing you dont get pain, and rest up, you will be just fine, A good pair of running shoes are a must. Make sure you do the full 5 min brisk walk, maybe longer if it helps. Also, I used some deep freeze gel in the first couple of weeks to put on my aches and pains and it worked wonders. Its only cheap and you can get it in the supermarkets too. In a couple of weeks when you have progressed a bit more, I promise you will look back at yourself in total wonder. Yes, its hard, and you have to really get your mind focused sometimes, but the rewards are amazing and you will feel a million dollars for it. Keep going!


Keep going. It may be hard sometimes but the sense of achievement when you complete each run if fabulous! Focus on the positive. Repeat a week if necessary. The fact you have lost 2 stone already is amazing and you should be very proud of yourself. Keep up the good work and the other 2 stone will be gone soon!

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