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Hi guys

Sorry for long post

am considering one or both of the above to help with my general strength. On my non run days I feel I need to do a bit more now than walk the dogs etc as maybe I've been a bit lazy 😊

Had a really bad fall back in March in the snow(gosh that seems so long ago lol) and did some quite serious damage to my left arm breaking all the bones in my wrist. Had surgery to wire it all back together but arm was immobile for a long time and I'm now in physio for muscle atrophy in the top of my arm/shoulder. It is slowly getting better but I have a limited range of movement e.g. can't put that arm behind my back or overhead as yet. Physio has suggested some yoga etc might help along with regular scheduled exercises from them. Any advice or tips - would need to be something I can do at home you tube/DVD etc as nothing class wise near to me without making a 40 mile round trip every time. I have googled and it's a bit of a minefield

Thanks x

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I haven't had a look myself but I should imagine YouTube would be full of yoga/pilates workouts that you could do at home. I notice on the NHS pages they use Instructor Live which is chock full of stuff for a monthly sub (Netflix for Fitness they call themselves).

Barbara Currie has some videos on YouTube but there isn't a lot of content on there. She was the one I started doing yoga with many moons ago until my fitness went kaput. She has some DVDs and books, too.


...a lot of Yoga teachers offer online tuition (I imagine it would be the same for Pilates). This might be better for you if you've not practiced Yoga before. You'd have direct interaction with your teacher and a guided practice built around your specific needs (re: previous injury).

There are lots of DVDS, online videos and subscriptions which can also be great :-)

Louise x.

I am doing yoga on rest days which is a good balance for the cardio workout of run days. I started yoga over 40 years ago and recently went back to it. Shame you can’t go to a class because the teacher would suggest alternative postures to take account of your injuries or tell you to avoid certain postures. However there are many dvd’s for beginners. Or get advice from British Wheel of Yoga who train most teachers. Om shanti 🙏


I imagine it would be safest to find someone that you can contact, because of your injury, even remotely? On youtube is a yoga teacher called Lesley Fightmaster - last time I looked, she did interact with people in the comments, so you could try her?


Thanks for the suggestions - perhaps better finding a class at least at first - then top up with home workouts. Will look into people you've mentioned and many thanks again x


Well done so far.

Yoga and Pilates both great. Nike Fit Club (free) has some yoga on it that is specifically for runners, and some other workouts. Probably loads on you tube and other apps too. Boxx is great but it’s £80 a year.

Bandit14Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks x


I've just started Pilates using the Decathlon Coach app. Going ok so far


Thanks for all the suggestions - I've managed to find a centre only 12 miles away and from speaking to them they do yoga and Pilates classes including yoga aimed at runners which sounds good. Also they do injury rehab so even better - am going to go over and check it out next week - also I can get 20 days of classes (any type) for £20 - as a newbie to try them out. Fingers crossed I'll get on ok - not sure how bendy this old body is😂

Cheers for all the help x

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